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We Look Forward to You

Join The Holistic Health & Fitness Community!

It’s Your time and with our Online Membership and courses, you will finally understand how your body works so you can take the right steps to help it heal and get stronger.

You will get in shape without all of the confusing hype, and understand why your previous attempts haven’t been successful.

 You’ll be surprised to see how simple it can be to get healthy and fit.

I want to welcome you to our Advanced Coaching for Health & Fitness.

This advanced coaching is for those of you who want to really increase your and health and fitness!

To achieve any higher goal in life it takes motivation, knowledge, and skill. For many of us we are lacking in the last two.

I’m sure that if you have come this far there is more than just a casual interest in achieving optimum health and fitness.

There is something inside that is pulling you forward, and motivating you to go after it.

I want to congratulate you for listening to that inner voice.

Coaching is such an integral part to everyone’s success.

Many of the most successful people in the world had, and still have coaches and mentors.

Coaches and mentors are invaluable for keeping you on track, to give you insight and to quickly and effectively adjust any deviations you might be experiencing on your path to success.

Just think about how much more confident you would feel knowing your not doing it alone and that every step you take to creating abundant health and fitness is being guided and supported by someone who knows how to do it.

How much more effective would you exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle be in creating the results you desire. How much easier would it be to build that body you have always desired, or create the health and wellbeing you so deeply desire?

This is where advanced coaching and mentoring comes into play.

Let me tell you about this exciting program I have developed just for you.

Advanced Coaching “The Easy Health Formula™.”

Advanced coaching gives you private access to working along side of me,  Dave Fresilli to build the health and fitness you have always desired.

No more guessing on your part!

Step-by-Step guidelines specifically designed for you and your health and fitness goals!

Weekly Private Consultations through Skype, Facetime, Phone, and emails.

You will be now be a private client of Dave’s. You will get all the individualized information, knowledge, skills that can only come from working one on one with Dave.

Each week you will get together with Dave privately for one hour and he will individualize, breakdown, and review in detail one of the 6 components each week so you can spend the entire hour making sure you really get it. Then you will have concrete actions to follow.

The next week you will cover a different component and so on over the first six weeks until you have all six.
Once you have a firm grasp of the 6 Components, Dave will pull you forward into even deeper understanding so you can fully integrate these components into your life.

The Advanced Coaching Mentoring Program will include:

  • I hour per week private individual coaching/ mentoring conference call with Dave

  • Skype, Facetime, Phone and E-mail coaching access

  • A secret Facebook page for all participants to ask questions, with total anonymity.

  • 2 Additional weekly 10 minutes Skype, Facetime, or phone coaching strategy sessions with Dave.

  • 10 % off the next course taken by participants.

This coaching / mentoring is exactly what I  give my private clients. The only exception is they pay ten thousand dollars and more for private coaching / mentoring and you won’t. This Advanced Coaching / Mentoring Program includes everything I mentioned above…PLUS!

With Advanced Coaching / Mentoring Clients:

  • Overcome obstacles that have been holding them back

  • Have a deeply committed support system to reach their goals

  • Don’t have to guess if they are progressing effectively

You will finally understand how your body works so you can take the right steps to help it heal and get stronger. You will get in shape without all the confusing hype. You will understand why your previous attempts haven’t worked.

This is why I want to share all this with you. You’ll be surprised to see how simple it can be to get healthy and fit. So sign up for the 3 month Advanced Coaching / Mentoring Program to reserve you spot so we can work together.