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6 Components of Holistic Health & Wellness

No time to workout?

Wanna know the absolute essentials to getting fit and healthy?

We have the answers for you. The best ways to Hydrate, Eat, Exercise, and Sleep for hormone balance, better health, better digestion, chronic pain recovery, and more energy.

Holistic Health Practitioner Dave Fresilli has created The Easy Health Formula™ a 6-week online course on the 6 components to health and wellness. It is jam packed with all the knowledge and tips that he uses with his private clients to achieve results and reach their goals. Now Dave will teach you how to do this for yourself.

Each week through live private Facebook group video’s, downloadable PDF’s, and MP3 audio files he will breakdown each component after which he will give you concrete actions to follow.

This 6 week course includes:

  • 30 minutes of Facebook Live per week.
  • A private Facebook group for all participants to ask questions, with total anonymity.
  • The opportunity to email in questions to Dave each week to be answered in our group on the  Facebook Live platform.
  • Downloadable PDF’s on each of the 6 weeks subject material covered.
  • Downloadable Audio on each of the 6 weeks subject material covered.
  • 10 % off the next course taken by participants

With this guided and community supported 6 week program, Dave is going to reboot your system. You will learn ways to eat better, hydrate better, sleep better, have more energy and potentially release extra weight. This process will focus on an overall lifestyle change that will leave you feeling more balanced and empowered.

Each week, you will be supported through the program with a video as well as a Facebook live with Dave in our private Facebook group. These weekly videos and Facebook Lives will give you an introduction, or follow-up to the week’s material to focus on.

This information is exactly what I teach my private clients. The only exception is that, they pay thousands of dollars to work privately with me and you won’t.

My private clients learn:

  • how to get rid of back pain, chronic fatigue, sabotaging habits creating pain, dysfunction and disease
  • how to lose weight without diets
  • what exercise is best for them to achieve their goals
  • how to overcome self-sabotage health and fitness
  • the cause of their breathing problems, cloudy mind, chronic aches and pains, and how to relieve them
  • how to improve their sleeping, hot flashes, itchy skin, bloating, food sensitivities, allergies and so much more

Remember all of these conditions are your body’s way of telling you, you are off course and heading down a slippery slope to exactly where you don’t want to be.


How can I do this for you?

By stripping it down to the absolute essentials so it is easy to understand and just as easy to implement into your daily lives.

All you have to do is do the steps consistently and stay fluid to changes as they come up.

I am really getting excited to share all this with you.

  • Do you want to finally understand how your body works so you can take the right steps to helping it heal and get stronger?
  • Do you want to get in shape without all the confusing hype?
  • Would you like to finally understand why all your previous attempts haven’t worked?

You’ve heard the phrase “Been there, Done That”. I suffered my entire childhood with chronic health issues. Through many years of  learning, I have not only healed my self  but also obtained top Fitness certifications in the process such as Level 4 Practitioner from C.H.E.K Institute. ONLY 15 PEOPLE IN THE US hold this qualification.

This is why I want to share all of this with you.

Remember you’re getting all the knowledge and skills I teach my private clients for a fraction of the investment.

My clients learn this material over several months to a year in some cases, and you are going to get it all in six weeks.