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Well-Being Is Beyond The Physical Body’s State of Health & Fitness.

This Mastery Path is to realize how you as “Beingness” itself is whole, complete, and beyond all conditions of physical dysfunction, illness and disease that may be experienced.

Within this path, clients speak with Dave weekly in one-hour sessions, through Skype or Facetime to recognize deeper levels of awareness as their True Nature. Not just an intellectual understanding, but instead the Mastery Path is set to point the client to realize they are already complete and whole beyond the body’s condition.

With this realization, the habitual act of believing thoughts of physical dysfunction, illness, and disease, are seen for what they are, just thoughts, which have no power to manifest unless you as Beingness itself inhabit them.

With this direct awareness, the client can begin to release her or himself from the falseness of these delusional ideas.

This begins to free the mind and body from the continuous cycle of manifesting not only the emotional pain and suffering but also many times has the ability to reduce and release the physical suffering.
Why? Because it frees the client from the self-sabotage of the delusional mind.

This is the highest level of healing we as Integrated Beings of Spirit-Mind and Body, possess and enjoy.
This Mastery Path is and should be an integral and primary aspect of a health and wellness lifestyle.

This Well-Being – The Mastery Program is working privately with me

I want to help those like yourself who really want to start making a difference in their lives. People like you who know deep down they want to change.
I’m going to offer you an opportunity.
Sign up today and you will become one of my private clients in my Well-Being – The Mastery Program.