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You Are To Wrapped Up In Your Concerns About Health to Be Healthy

A Writer writes, it is not about being published, or how the person believes everyone else see him or her as a writer. If someone asks, “How do I become a writer”, the answer is “you write”.

Most of us are wrapped up in what we think of ourselves and we then project this onto what we think others see ourselves as.

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The You That Is Holding You Back

Most all of what you are experiencing or going through is due to you. It is, may I say, the little you, the false you. This you is the you, You have created by being alive in thoughts of identification with your experiences.

We will call this little false you, your ego, personality, self – image. All of these are the same as the little false you.

Just to go a bit deeper, if you break the self – image apart, there is the “Self” and then the image. It is the image that is the little false you.

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