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Author: katelyn


Holistic Health & Fitness brings a new approach to fitness and health training in Ashland Oregon. We call it Holistic Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is the exploration of how we humans move.

Kinesiology examines how the body is functioning bio-mechanically physiologically, and even psychologically.

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Your Self-Image Is Only The Imagined

You are nothing more and nothing less than complete stillness without identity. I realize for most this seems to be an absurd statement, yet when it is realized, you are freed from the pain and suffering, which accompanies the imagined self.

I wanted to go deeper into the belief of a self–image. Most of us can grasp that we have a self-image, but what does that actually mean? So let’s look at this.

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Two Keys To Health

Two Keys To Health. We take a lot for granted when it comes to our bodies. We ignore the signs and symptoms of illness and disease, thinking that the body is going to take care of it.

Sadly we don’t want to take responsibility for our bodies, and so just go about choking down all manner of what are labeled as foods, yet in actuality are toxic to our bodies.

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A New Beginning, Needs A New You

A New Beginning, Needs A New You. Do you feel stuck in the same day-to-day habits and routines? So much so that you can see the challenges they are causing with your health and wellbeing yet you feel almost powerless to change them. First off I want you to know that this just isn’t so. You have all the ability needed to change, in fact all you have to do is decide to change, and you can.

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Do You Want to Be Happy And Healthy Or Right

This question of do you want to be happy or right is the awakening to transforming your life experience.

You see, it all at once hit me that it is the ego that is always wanting to prove itself right along with its existence. It looks to always prove it is right and everything else is wrong, or that it needs things its way. This concept or belief system of having to be right is what creates all the pain and suffering you experience.

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When All Is Lost

It feels like the most terrible thing to lose everything. We of course use that phrase incorrectly, to get across how emotionally devastating a situation is.

It may happen that we lose our jobs, or our homes are destroyed by fire, flood, or earthquakes, our money is gone, or we lose a loved one to divorce, or death.

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