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Surrender Your Suffering

I know you want to be free of illness and disease. I know you want to have a healthy body. I know you want to have a happy life experience. Who in their right mind does not want these things?

Then why is it when we don’t want something it still remains with us? It is because through our attention to what we don’t want we give it life to remain. We have spoken of this before, haven’t we?

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You Are To Wrapped Up In Your Concerns About Health to Be Healthy

A Writer writes, it is not about being published, or how the person believes everyone else see him or her as a writer. If someone asks, “How do I become a writer”, the answer is “you write”.

Most of us are wrapped up in what we think of ourselves and we then project this onto what we think others see ourselves as.

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Being The Most Amazing You

Who do you believe your –“Self” to be? Is this belief what you truly desire to be?

If you are not sure as to identifying who you believe your-“Self” to be, then we will speak to this.

It is only a matter of realizing who you are right now, how you act, your thoughts, and behaviors are the expression of the image you believe your-Self to be.

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