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Being The Most Amazing You

Who do you believe your –“Self” to be? Is this belief what you truly desire to be?

If you are not sure as to identifying who you believe your-“Self” to be, then we will speak to this.

It is only a matter of realizing who you are right now, how you act, your thoughts, and behaviors are the expression of the image you believe your-Self to be.

We have spoken of this many times and will continue to do so. It is that important.

Even though we don’t have to think about being who we are right now, what we will call your personality / ego, it isn’t who you truly are.

You are consciousness itself, before there was ever a sense of personality. Can you imagine what you would be / feel like if you dropped your personality? Let’s try this together.

Here you are right now reading or listening to these words, and you have identification with a personality with a history and future. Can you first of all see that the only way there can be a history or future right now is if you are thinking about them? Can you grasp the reality that your personality/ego is just a compilation of thoughts you are giving life to? You are “Life” itself giving yourself to those thoughts of past and future experiences. When you give or flow yourself through attention, you give life to whatever it is whether a thought, emotion, or action.

Right now, give up everything that isn’t the pure self. Let go of your thoughts of any identification of past and future experience. Let go of any identification with the body. Let go of any and all thought. You can no longer access them. You have given them all away.

What is left? Isn’t there a realization that “I am still here?” Even though there is no thought so there can be no identification with thought, isn’t there the knowing  “I still exist?”

This, the subtlest of knowing, is beyond thought, and is your true nature. It is the most Amazing You.

We all think that there is so much more we could be and yet, most all the time we identify that “so much more” with the outside world. We believe that the “so much more” has to do with doing and being a better personality.

We feel if we can only be more successful, happier, loving, healthier, and wealthy, that we will have achieved our full potential.

It is perfectly wonderful being successful, happy, loving, healthy, and wealthy, however, it all pales to the truth of who you are as Beingness.

Certainly enjoy the experiences of life and make them joyful and abundant, but do so not as a personality/ ego, but instead as the true amazing you, consciousness itself.

In fact by living in the personality / ego, it will be impossible to truly enjoy the experiences of life due to the identification, attachment, and judgment that is part of living in the personality / ego.

In every moment, ask, “Who am I before there is any thought?” Don’t try to come up with an answer, but instead realize what is there before there is any thought.

Let us now apply this to your health and wellness.

The healthier the body the less distracting it will be. This means if you are dealing with illness, pain, fatigue, hormonal issues, being over weight etc., these conditions will give the personality / ego more to identify with. The personality / ego is designed to make something of it so it can identify with the condition and prove it’s existence. This means the mind will always be looking to the body, and the experiences of life as a source of attaching to them.

Think of the life experiences and body as you car. Both the experiences thoughts of them, and the body are possessions, just like your car. You are not your car, however you know it as a possession. That is why you say my car, just as you say my body, my mind my thoughts, my past my future. They are not you, just possessions if you see them as that.

Even believing they are your possessions is just a thought. Which means, as we just experiences, can be let go of and so will no longer exist.

They healthier you are, the more free you are from identifying thoughts of “I am not healthy, I have pain, there is something wrong with me, I need to lose weight”, etc.

Being the most amazing “You” is freeing your –“Self” from the addiction to identifying and attaching a sense of personality to thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Most of your suffering no matter what the condition is coming from the thoughts of identification and attachment to the condition.

Please hear these words. No matter what you believe your – “Self” to be, you are so much more than this.

How much more time will you let go by before you reach out for help?

I speak from a life experience, of illness and emotional suffering that was caused by a delusional self – image. I know what it is to feel hopeless, and sickly and out of shape. I know what it is to feel lost and confused. Know that you are not alone in how you feel and what you are dealing with.

There is a way to health your body and heal your mind.

As a holistic health practitioner every one of my clients can attest to the results they experience. Greater health and fitness and a deeper state of awareness and well-being.

Would you like to experience the same results?

I want to work with you. No matter where you live we can do it.

I have created “The Easy Health Formula” online course in which we will work together through Skype or Face time, while you follow the course.

I also offer “Advanced Training” online for those who complete the “The Easy Health Formula” online course, so you will continue to grow in health, fitness, and wellbeing.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave

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