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Brave Enough to Let Go

Let’s go deep; I am speaking about deep into the recesses of the ego that hold the ignorance of who we believe ourselves to be.

Why do this, when it is the one place where none of us want to go? Because it is the birthplace of our pain and suffering. It is the place in which we create thoughts that hold us back from the joy and love, health and wellbeing and abundance we are always saying we want and deserve. It is only through this hero’s journey as phrased by Joseph Campbell, that we will emerge victorious as our True Nature.

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I Am Pointing to Health And Wellness

Let go of everything and you will realize that all the thoughts you have been holding onto have been holding you back. This is causing resistance from health and wellbeing fully manifesting in your life.

Can you right now even as you are reading or listening, release any hold you have on all thoughts and concepts of who you are? What does that even mean, you may be wondering?

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