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I Am Pointing to Health And Wellness

Let go of everything and you will realize that all the thoughts you have been holding onto have been holding you back. This is causing resistance from health and wellbeing fully manifesting in your life.

Can you right now even as you are reading or listening, release any hold you have on all thoughts and concepts of who you are? What does that even mean, you may be wondering?

Quiet yourself and notice that you may still have thoughts of you as a person. Even when the mind seems still there is the recognition of “I am still here, me the one who is stilling my mind”.

Are there thoughts that arise such as, “ I am doing it, mind is not thinking, I am at peace, or anything other thoughts?

Recognize that if this is so, the mind is subtly tricking itself to feel it is still. Which means there is still the idea of the person present. The ego or identity of someone stilling the mind is still present.

Consciousness doesn’t say Look, I am doing it I am being my True Nature. That would be directly like you getting up in the morning and saying “Look I am being me, I have done it”.

It is this subtle identification that must be recognized and released. When this is done it becomes self-apparent that all along you have been and are the True Nature.

There is the softest awareness that there is no longer a person that talks. A personal opinion cannot be given form, because there is no place from which a personal opinion has a foundation to give it.

We speak of consciousness as the foundation of you, the True Nature, however, consciousness cannot be conceived as something solid or as a tangible experience of form. It is awakened to and then with this awareness one can say it is the foundation of all things. Yet, until this realization, the words hold a different meaning. One creates a concept in the speaker’s mind, while the awakened one has no concept but instead only is that, which cannot be described, and it is that which speaks.

This can be confusing for some of you, who are here because you want to get better, or lose body fat weight, get more fit, get rid of your body aches and pains or heal from some emotional suffering, or illness or disease.

The person you believe your-Self to be is only a concept that is being given life. You are that Life or Beingness or Consciousness. So, I remind you again that you are giving life ((through believing in, (being-live-in)), to a personal existance.

Everything we are speaking about is pointing you to health and wellbeing. You may be thinking, “this isn’t going to help me get in shape, or lose the weight or heal my body”, because the person doesn’t now any better. It wants to hear about tangle steps. That is because the person or ego is in a sense confined to the tangible world. It only knows itself through the world of physicality, the phenomenal world. It can only perpetuate it sense of identity, through forms. Again remembering that thoughts are the highest form of Consciousness.

When you drop all thought, you drop all resistance. This allows all the possibilities of life itself which are infinite, to move toward expressing in your life experience.

Many time we feel we are focusing our thoughts on being healthy, and abundant, yet there are subtle subconscious thoughts of being unhealthy and lacking that are actually manifesting. Subtle subconscious thoughts meaning we are not aware, or conscious we are holding onto beliefs of lack of abundance and health.  Sub-conscious means under the conscious. There are concepts and beliefs anchored in the subconscious mind that are what you truly believe you are. You may remember we call this your auto-pilot or paradigm, or self-image, or ego.

This is where the concept of the ego is. We don’t see it readily due to its subtleness.

By realizing these thoughts are being lived in you will also begin to realize you don’t need them, and in fact that they are what are holding you back. You will begin to let go of your attachment to them, and see that the more that is released the freer you are.

There will be space for life to express it’s True Nature, and peace, tranquility, and stillness will begin to present itself. You will know your-self to be this.

As you know your-self to be this, health and wellness can take hold. You will also not resist, and be willing to take the tangible steps to help the body heal without sabotaging your efforts.

This is where most folks get stuck. They want to change, get better, do something to improve their health and wellbeing, however, they can’t find the motivation, or consistency, or break themselves of their bad habit.

The reason is completely due to the subconscious mind holding the ego concept or self – image of someone who is unhealthy or needs to lose weight, or has an illness or disease.

Doesn’t it make sense to sweep away the old beliefs, (ego), realize your True Nature, which radiates health and wellbeing, and then express a life experience of health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

Without the resistance from the ego/ personal identity, the body and mind will naturally express and experience better health and wellbeing in almost all cases.

Certainly even if there are challenges with the body which can certainly occur, it won’t be met by an ego that would attach meaning and identify with it. So whatever the experience is it will be given little to no meaning. Certainly actions will be taken to relieve it, because this is practical.

If you have a rock in your shoe take it out, however, there will be no meaning given to it such as “why does this always happen to me”? If so, then you are taking it personally, or as the person / ego.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

If so I want to help you.

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave.

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