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The Need To Endure

Enduring Life Is Slowing You Down

Part of working with clients is to give them insights into what might be holding them back. It is a gentle nudging to get the client to awaken to their higher “Self”, and realize how they have internally been causing their health fitness, and wellness issues. Sometimes this nudging is more than a nudge if the client is so stuck they are denying there is something out of balance.

The Ego can be so developed in some of us that we need to be pushed into seeing the deeper issues causing all the denial, pain, and suffering.

Why would anyone in their right mind cause themselves pain and suffering? As we spoke of in a previous blog, podcast, and video, no one in their right mind would do harm to themselves. The answer is in the question, as one of my earlier mentors would say to me. A person must be in their wrong mind to cause health, fitness, and wellness issues in their life experience.

There is a wrong mind and a right mind. The right mind is a mind that is mostly quiet of delusional thoughts. Delusional thoughts come in the form of, (yes, thoughts are forms of energy or consciousness), fear, negativity, doubt, pride, any and all thoughts that create duality / separateness between yourself and the rest of life. It is this concept of separateness that is the cause of all pain and suffering.

The Ego loves to create thoughts of separateness in order to sustain its existence. You see the Ego needs to be separate from everything else in order to know itself. It needs to be able to say, this is me, and the rest is different from me. The problem is this creates all our pain and suffering.

The wrong mind will come up with thoughts of “ I don’t feel well, I hate my body, I don’t have enough money, my life sucks, I’m getting old, I’m completely exhausted, I don’t like myself, or I am better than the rest, look at how fantastic I am, I look better than everyone else at the party, I make more money then he does, my kids are better than hers, I just don’t have enough time to take care of myself, I enjoy my cocktail after work, I need it to unwind”.

Any thought that labels, compares, or judges yourself, anyone or thing is going to create a separate identity called the Ego. We can call it your personality, self –image, paradigm, or the delusional mind. All of theses labels mean the same identity you think of yourself as.
Ah, but when in the right mind, there is a clarity of all thoughts. The mind now becomes one of just observing without labeling, comparing, or judging yourself or anyone or thing.

Can you glimpse at how a mind clear of delusional thoughts is in a state of peace?

We have all had moments and even days when there hasn’t been a care in the world. It is in those moments that you experience the feeling of this peace. To have no cares you cannot be in a state of labeling, comparing, or judging yourself or anyone or thing.

It is as though you are just letting the world be as it is and you are just “enjoying yourself”.

Eckhart Tolle mentions in “A New World”, “Enjoying Yourself”.
It means, In –Joy In-Yourself, or to be in a state of joy in your-Self.
Who is the your – self? It is you higher self, your Beingness.

I was working with a client the other day and several times he mentioned he took pride in the fact that he could endure anything. He could endure the challenges of his life. He could endure anything I threw at him in a workout. He could endure the exhaustion of his schedule. He could endure the emotional pain of wanting a relationship but not being able to find the right woman.

This person had developed an Ego who identified itself as one who could endure. Anything life could put him through he would endure. This concept and belief gave him a sense of pride. To a greater extent it was how he identified himself, and compared himself with others.

I say “he” however it is his Ego that is doing all this. It is his Ego that wants to identify him as one that can endure. “Hey, look at me. Look at how strong I am that I can endure all this in my life”. Even his friends and family take pride in the fact that he can endure as if they have also identified themselves with his enduring qualities.

It is this identity of someone who can endure that is creating more situations in his life to sustain this enduring concept. So he continues to endure having issues with self sabotage, poor eating habits, not getting enough sleep, not getting his workouts in, and dealing with excess body fat.

He is continually creating as his Ego more opportunities to keep “the one that can endure” alive.

Can you see how much effort goes into this?

There is no need to endure. If you are enduring it is because you are creating resistance. You are resisting letting go of your self-image because you are so invested in your identity. It is your way of creating stability and safety in you identity by knowing what you are.

Your Beingness is unconsciously identifying itself as your Ego, and is saying, “Without this identity I would not exist, and I’m to scared of letting go of this ego- identity”.

Your Beingness has invested itself in a false – image (ego) and now thinks that is all it is.

Let go of the Ego identity with its need to endure, by placing your attention on being the Beingness that is actually you. In this way, you will stop all the sabotaging, doubt, fear, and anxiety that are causing all of your health, fitness, and wellbeing issues.

Are you ready to let go of your pain and suffering? Are you ready to create health, fitness, and enjoy the wellbeing that is your birthright?

It all starts with a first step. You must want to get better. Not just want, but really, really want it deep, deep down. You must decide you are done with all the frustration, pain, and suffering you have been dealing with.

If that touches a chord inside of you, I would be happy to help.

I wish for all of you, Vibrant life.

Take Good Care.


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