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Give up Being Your Favorite Person

Some of us have a favorite person in our life. This person is the life of the party. They are funny, outgoing, and love to have a good time. They don’t care what they eat, and seem so casual about everything in life. They never seem to get upset about anything, and we all feel that we would love to be like them.

Some of you might be thinking, “ no I don’t think that way about anyone, as a matter of fact “I” am my favorite person”.

Whether you have a favorite person you want to be like or not, the fact is, as some of you just admitted, You are your favorite person. That may feel quite egotistical to admit, however, if you allow it in you will see the truth in it.

Believe it or not you are your favorite person. Think about it. From the moment you wake up till you go to bed you are the one who is deciding what to do. Are you doing it for someone else? No, not in actuality. It is always you who makes the ultimate decision of how your life is expressed and experienced.

Let’s focus on health, fitness, and wellbeing. You get to do what you want, don’t you? If you don’t feel like taking care of yourself you will come up with thoughts of “YOU only live once, I believe in moderation, I’m all about living life and having a good time. I don’t need to concern myself with this body; I don’t care what I look like. Who cares if I have aches and pains, it a part of life, everyone else is suffering too”.

The problem is these thoughts are not actually giving you what you want. They are sabotaging all your desires to live a life of health, fitness, and wellness.

What is behind all these thoughts? Guess who it is? It is your favorite person. And who is that? It is your Ego!

Our favorite person is our Ego. Think about it. Our Egos boost our confidence, tell us “Oh its okay to eat the wrong foods and not care”. The Ego is our favorite person because it tells us it’s our life and nobody is going to stop us from doing what we want.

So what is a person to do? Well, how about giving up your Ego! Are your minds coming up with all sorts of defensive statements against this idea? I bet they are. That’s your Ego for ya. That is just what the Ego and mind will do.

Your favorite person is your self -image, your delusional self, delusional mind, Ego. All of these are the same. Your favorite person is you as a person. What does that mean “as a person”? Of course I am a person. Are You? Aren’t you forgetting the bigger part of you? You are forgetting who you really are.

Again I must gently remind you. You are a Spirit with a mind expressing through a body.

If you have not awakened to your Spirit, then your mind and body are the expression of your Ego.

You do everything for your Ego and self – image. You think, feel, and act all as your Ego.

The problem is it is your ego that gets you in trouble.

Think of your Ego as that best friend that is so carefree and every time you go out with him or her you end up in a bar fight or getting into an argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. The point is, your best friend always ends up putting you into a regretful situation.

Ego will tell you to give up on your health and fitness. It will also push you into over doing your health and fitness. Ego will attach itself to the idea that you are all about being a perfect example of health and fitness, or the worst example.

You may ask what would be wrong with that? Anything you attach yourself to, as part of your personality will become a block of resistance towards truly creating health, fitness, and wellbeing. The Ego, or self-image is the resistance holding you back from awakening as your Spirit.

What to do? Let go of the resistance you feel towards everything. If you are resistant to starting a health and fitness program, let go of that resistance. If you are resistant to eating health, let go of that resistance. If you are resistant towards letting go of your Ego, let go of that resistance.

Your favorite friend is your Ego. It is your so-called favorite friend who is getting you into trouble in your health, fitness, and wellbeing. Actually Ego is causing you all the troubles in your life experiences.

You don’t need your Ego. You only need your Spirit. That is who you truly are. Get rid of your Ego and see how your health, fitness and wellbeing blossom as will your entire life expression and experience.

You will be the “you” you have always desire to be.

I’m very excited for you.

If you would like help and guidance with this, just send me an email or call the studio directly.

Take good Care, Dave

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