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Tag: delusional mind

Stop Worrying

Why is it that we feel the need to worry about situations in our life experience? This is a question I am asking you to truly take time to recognize.
Why do you worry? What is the mechanism of worrying? And the ultimate question is “Who is worrying”?
This is what I want to speak to you about today.

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Have You Integrated Yet?

How have you been doing with integrating spirit, mind, and body? Do you understand this question? Even more, do you have a direct realization of the meaning of this question? Do you still believe you are the personality, and body?

If you are not sure, then you still are. You will still be caught up in being affected by the external circumstances of the life experience. You will be personalizing everything as if it must affect you, and there is no escaping the pain and suffering that is attached with, or comes with it.

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