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Image of a stop sign with the words "STOP Worrying" on it

Stop Worrying

Why is it that we feel the need to worry about situations in our life experience? This is a question I am asking you to truly take time to recognize.
Why do you worry? What is the mechanism of worrying? And the ultimate question is “Who is worrying”?
This is what I want to speak to you about today.

Something happens in our life experience, we get some news or experience something, whether good or bad, and the ego, (Just a bunch of beliefs), takes over. It immediately looks for attachments, to prove its existence. “It is me I am what is real who is dealing with this situation. Yea I exist”. Silly but true.
The ego needs, even relishes the chance to do this. It creates a constant flow of energy. The ego creates more thoughts based on the situation and gets more life from doing so.
The delusional mind is the pure mind brained washed and now holds onto beliefs that it is an actual being. It believes it has a life of it’s own. To sustain this life it must feed on and digest thoughts and situations. This feeding and digesting is the mechanism of making or taking them personally. This delusional mind must continue to prove it is real by coming up with ways to identify and take personally every and any thought and situation it can. It is very good at this, because its existence depends on this. If it stops feeding on thoughts and digesting them it will cease to exist.
This is how fear is created. It is the sense of loss over anything that is actually the ego feeling it is dying. If the ego feels it is losing something, it feels like it is loosing itself.
Something happens, or we begin to think about something. It doesn’t even have to be happening. The ego seeks out all the different ways the situation will play out. Depending on its conditioning it may and probably will realize that the situation could have some effects that it feels are negative. The ego instantly feels fear of loss. The ego has to desperately find a way to fix the situation. These thoughts of how to fix the situation are combined with other thoughts of loss and feeling the fear of that loss.
Worry is a constant state of brutality on ones self. It is not needed. It is just a habit. You became programed to be this way.
This programing came about by family, friends, and life experiences.
You developed the belief that you must worry about situations to solve them. How many times do you think you have had the internal conversation that goes something like this, “ Don’t think about it, it will all work out? But I have to think about it so I can come up with a solution. I am being irresponsible if I just sit back and allow it to happen. I need to take action and make it happen, force it to happen, and bend it to my will.”
This conditioning came about through worrying about a situation and during this time of worry the situation resolved itself. So the ego created the belief “I need to worry to resolve a situation”. However, this is just not the case.
Worrying about it is forcing it. When we force we goof it all up, don’t we?
Yet, I would say that the situation would have worked itself out for the better if there was no worry present. This does not mean you don’t take action to resolve a situation when it makes sense, and is practical. It just means there is no requirement for worry to be present for the resolution of any situation.
Worry truly doesn’t help any situation. It only makes it worse, by giving it power to continue.
I know this may sounds Pollyanna, however it is not. Remember that anything you give energy to will continue to exist and manifest in other aspects of your life experience.
You as Beingness have no capacity to worry. Beingness only IS and manifests. It cares not what it manifests. Remember thought is the highest form of Beingness or energy. This is why we say focus all your attention only on that with which you desire to be.
When you think of your health, fitness and wellbeing, are they what you desire? Are your desires deluded with other thoughts and fears of pain, illness, disease, unworthiness, anger, and doubt? All these deluded thoughts are from the ego trying desperately to hold onto its present conditioning.
This will all begin to change once you realize you do not need the ego and its constant fear of dying.
You begin to create the health, fitness, and wellbeing you desire when you become alive in those desires. You must be that which you desire to be.
To believe in a thought, is to be – alive in that thought. This means you as Beingness, which is life itself, are being alive in and as that thought. This is how we create everything in this manifested world including our health fitness and wellbeing.
Would you like to really start creating the health, fitness, and wellbeing you have always desired?
I would love to coach and support you. I do this with all my clients and I can coach you also.
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Listen to the accompanying Podcast HHVL 085
I wish for you a Vibrant life.
Take Good Care, Dave.

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