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Have You Integrated Yet?

How have you been doing with integrating spirit, mind, and body? Do you understand this question? Even more, do you have a direct realization of the meaning of this question? Do you still believe you are the personality, and body?

If you are not sure, then you still are. You will still be caught up in being affected by the external circumstances of the life experience. You will be personalizing everything as if it must affect you, and there is no escaping the pain and suffering that is attached with, or comes with it.

The integration of spirit, mind, and body comes with the realization of the Self, (the True Self or True Nature).

When you directly realize you are not the mind, (personality, ego, self-image), and body, you realize you are the spirit. For most everyone there is the identification with the mind and body only.

Ask yourself, what do I believe myself to be? You will come up with a list of thoughts, and concepts. You will also identify as the body. Then ask yourself what am I without the mind and body? Do you feel that uneasy feeling? That is the ego falling into thoughts of “I don’t want to go there”. If it is realized that the ego itself isn’t real, it will die. Remember the ego has to do everything to keep proving that it is the only one existing. The ego will go to great lengths to create pain and suffering so you keep the belief that you are that pain and suffering.

Beingness, God, Consciousness, Awareness, cannot suffer or be in pain. It is, “You Are” beyond all thoughts, concepts, and feelings. You are the substance from which all comes out of, Yet, you as this substance / Beingness, as this pure unconditioned existence, are only peace, tranquility, joy, and love.

It is only the ego / personality, self -image / delusional mind, that is suffering other ideas about itself. It is the idea of being a person, (you as Beingness is believing), that is suffering ideas the self image / ego has of itself and life experience.

The delusion needs to cling onto whatever it must to maintain its feelings of aliveness. Yet, you as the eternal existence are completely non – clinging. You as Beingness are not in form and so there is nothing to cling to. Can you cling to the space around you? That is what the ego, is constantly trying to do. It is forever trying to attach to what is un-attachable.

Would you hold onto a sinking life raft because it gave you a sense of safety and security for a little while, (while it was inflated), but now it has been punctured, (thoughts, concepts, memories, dreams of the future, feelings, actions, and what happens in your daily life with others is causing pain and suffering)?

We could say you are playing a character in a play, (which isn’t real), and you now believe you are the character and so suffer all the beliefs the character has of itself and its life experience.

You are forgetting your true self just out of thehabit of thinking you are a person / personality. BUT YOU ARE NOT. You are what is before any “Thing” exists. You are “Existence” itself, before any “Thing” comes into / or out of Existence.

What is Existence before anything tangible exists in it? What is Awareness before there is anything tangible to be aware of? Awaken to this and you will know your True Nature.

Think of what that means … You are what exists, before there is anything that can come out of or into existence. You are what is aware, before there is anything that can be awared. You are the unconditioned Existence / Awareness, before anything becomes into being. Thoughts, concepts, and beliefs are the highest form then the manifested world of solid forms. These thoughts and solid form of vast multitude are not you, however you believe they are.

Even this statement should prove to you, you are not the mind, body, or life circumstances. The statement “You believe they are”, shows us there is a “you” and a “they”, (thoughts beliefs, body, and circumstances).

You are the eternal existence, you are the eternal moment. Everything comes out of you.

When you realize this, the personality will move along only as a detached expression. There will be no identification as a personality, even thought you will still be a mom or dad, a doctor or landscaper, experiencing all the circumstances that are enjoyed, and creating a healthy body.

You must know your heavenly nature and your earthly nature, exist together while we are here in this physical form. Yet, you must also directly realize you are not the personality, nor do you have to identify with it. You are Beingness itself, you are Devine Consciousness, You are Existence Itself, and you are AWARENESS before there is anything to be aware of.

Creating health, fitness, and wellbeing go together. To leave one out is to ignore how they are meant to be fully integrated.

The whole design of spirit, mind, and body are for them to be united as one. It is not meant to be experienced as separate parts. This is the “Oneness” that is so often referred to. All is “One”. What is this “One” being referred to? Why, it is You! As this “One” (Awareness, Existence, Beingness, Unconditioned Consciousness, God), Mind, (thoughts) create Body, (body and all physical form), so that it, (awareness), can become aware of itself once more. If not for the mind and body Awareness could not awaken to knowing itself once more. Such is the importance mind and body hold in awakening to your true Nature, which is your primary purpose for existing in form as mind and body.

Are you feeling frustrated or lost in your attempt to let go of the ego? Are you being overwhelmed with feelings of sadness because you can’t find the way to self-realization? Are you overwhelmed with thoughts that life will be over if you truly awaken? That you will never again experience the joys of romantic love or the fun of life, or the enjoyment of a good meal?

This is all ego struggling to hold you back. It is bringing up every thought, concept, and feeling to pull you back down. The reason it seems so big is because you are onto to awakening. You have opened the door and awareness is flooding in. You have Ego in a surrendering position, yet, it can’t help but struggle to try and get out. Just like a fish that has forgotten it is a fish and so keeps jumping out of the water to try and get a breath. How silly the fish is that it has forgotten its life force is the water in which it is surrounded.

If you feel you are tired of the fight, then I ask you who is tired? Is it Beingness / Awareness? No it is not. So who is it? It is the personality / ego, saying…” I am tired of the fight.”  This is good.

Even the delusional mind / ego is realizing it is not real, and its idea of what it is, isn’t true and so that is why it is suffering. The delusional mind is only an idea suffering the ideas, (beliefs), it holds of itself. Can you realize how silly it is? Like wearing a costume and holding two mirrors up to one another; they cast continual images (delusional ideas) upon one another, yet the images aren’t the one holding the mirror, nor is the costume. Who are you without the costume of a personality / ego / false sense of self? Why, it is Pure consciousness / Beingness / Awareness, which is joy, peace, love, abundance without attachment, or restriction.What you are seeking isn’t far away, it is right here and now. Spirit is awakening, and the mind is letting go of its grasp on identity. The body will follow in suit. Then you will be fully integrated.

With this integrations of spirit, mind, and body you will experience the peace, joy, love, and tranquility we speak of.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave

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