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Your Wellbeing Lives In The Stillness

So much of the time we are speaking to health and fitness. Let us now give our attention to what is referred to as wellbeing.

When we think about health and fitness it is directed to the body and the condition of its physical state. Is the body healthy, and is it fit? We look to see if there is any dysfunction, illness, or disease. Then we test the body’s condition of stability, strength, power, balance, speed, agility, and flexibility. These physical attributes are referred to as Bio-motor abilities. Based on these subjective and objective attributes we then can determine the levels of health and fitness.

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Posture Of The Spirit Mind & Body

You and I have spoken before on how important posture is for the body’s overall health.

If we expand the same concept out to the spirit and mind you will begin to see that posture holds the same significance to your overall sense of wellbeing.

As a review, let’s start from the bottom up and review some of the physical aspects of posture on the body.

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