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Posture Of The Spirit Mind & Body

You and I have spoken before on how important posture is for the body’s overall health.

If we expand the same concept out to the spirit and mind you will begin to see that posture holds the same significance to your overall sense of wellbeing.

As a review, let’s start from the bottom up and review some of the physical aspects of posture on the body.

When most folks think about posture, they sit and stand up straighter. We would call this static posture. However posture is dynamic, meaning, the body is meant to stay in alignment (posture) every moment of the day.

Whether you are sitting, standing, lying, running, jumping, bending over, standing up, cutting vegetables, taking out the trash, watching T.V., driving, gardening, during any and all activities, posture is being affected.

Everything you do on a physical level you do through the body. This means that the body is constantly having to deal with external forces of gravity and weight bearing loads, which if not done with correct posture will put unnecessary stress on the bodies bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, capsules, discs, nerves, and organs. I think that covers it all. Of course, if you are a circus performer who hangs by your hair then we will include hair also.

Poor posture is a major cause of pain and dysfunction in the body. When you consistently hold your body in poor posture all the muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. have to work extra hard to try and compensate to hold the body together. All this extra work is tiring to the body and actually drains the body of energy. Muscles begin tighten to take up the slack, while other have to lengthen. All this causes muscle imbalances. These muscle imbalances then perpetuate more postural imbalances and pain in the body.

It is not only relegated to muscles and joints, however. Poor posture affects the organ systems also. Poor posture, (let’s just look at slumping over as an example), has an effect on breathing, digestion, circulation and more. When you slump you are compressing the upper body, (torso). This position of compression prohibits you from taking in a full breath. You are stopping the ribs from expanding, so the lunges cannot fully inflate. In fact, you would be hard pressed to get in even a third of a full breath. This in itself will then cause moderate to severe health and fitness issues. Lack of oxygen causes health issues.

The slump position compresses all the abdominal contents, (organs) to press downward. This in turns restricts circulation and other body fluids from circulating optimally.

So you can see, posture is first and foremost when it comes to using this amazing body optimally.

Using your body, (this amazing instrument of expressing and experiencing), optimally, will create health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Now let us turn to the posture of the mind. The first question should be, (I bet you can already intuitively recognize the significance of this question I am going to ask you), “What is your self-image? What is your belief system? What is your ego? Who do you believe yourself to be?” This is the posture of your mind. It is the position you stand, sit, and move in each and every moment of your life.

Most of our mind positions are delusional. We think from a position of poor mind posture. We restrict our true nature, which is peace, joy, love, health, wellbeing and abundance by our delusional thoughts and beliefs, (self image/ ego). We are constantly placing our true nature under internal forces of delusional weight bearing loads (thoughts).

These loads of delusional thoughts create excessive strain on our minds, which create a self-image / ego that will cause pain and suffering in our lives. These thoughts, concepts and beliefs manifest in our bodies and in our life experience.

This position of delusional mind posture restricts the mind from being in its natural state of innocence. In its natural state the mind is clear of all labeling, judging, attachment, and identification. In it’s natural state, the mind is an open vessel or instrument that will not create any restriction to the spirit you are. This way the mind and body become the full expression of Beingness without restriction of thought.

Can you image you with a mind free from fear, worry, and doubt? If so, you will only be scratching the surface of the life experience that is waiting for you.

Most importantly “What is your spiritual posture?” This goes hand in hand with your minds posture. For it is only with the mind and body that you can experience your Beingness. Without the mind and body, spirit has no way of knowing itself.

Your spiritual posture, in my humble opinion, if there is such a thing, should be the undeniable knowing that you are Beingness and that your primary purpose is the gift of realizing this, (your), true nature.

As you begin to awaken through deeper understanding of who you truly are, your life will become less stressed, less hurried, and take on a deeper sense of peace, joy, and love. Through this deeper peace, joy, and love; health, fitness, and wellbeing will blossom in your life experience.

Take the time to sit quietly and honestly look at the posture of your spirit, your mind, and your body. Make the corrections to each, so each one will create optimally for you.

Please enjoy my Podcast : What Is the Posture Of Your Spirit Mind & Body

I wish for you Vibrant Health.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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