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The Foundation Upon Which You Are Building Health

Can you honestly admit to yourself that you’re healthy and fit, with a deep sense of wellbeing?

Whether you can or cannot it is the result of the foundation upon which you have built your Self – image.

We always speak about the Self – image / ego, and that it is a concept comprised of beliefs. There is the Self, (Consciousness), and then there is the image / ego.

When we give the example of what happens when we build a house on sand or an unstable surface, we are referring to its inability to hold the house in place without shifting. If we build on an unstable surface, the house begins to shift and move. Its stability begins to fail, and doors and window don’t close. The floors will warp and split as will the wall showing cracks and separation. The stability of the entire house is failing, to the point it must be abandoned.

It does not matter if you use the best wood, screws and nails, they will not be able to hold the structure of the house in place. All this is due to not anchoring the house to a solid immovable rock foundation.

However, when done correctly, when holes are drilled down deep into the earth past the shifting sand and anchored into bedrock, there is little that can destabilize the house. The sand can shift, water can rise, wind can whip, yet the house stands firm anchored into the bedrock.

Our entire experience of health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance is determined by the foundation upon which we build our life experience.

Our life experience is our house. It is the manifestation we create through the instruments of the mind and body. Our thoughts are the wood, nails and screws from which we build our life experience, and more specifically our health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance.

The first action is to determine what you are going to build your house on. Will you build your life experience on the bedrock of your true nature/ consciousness, or will you build it on the delusional self-image, / ego?

Just in realizing that the Self – image is delusional should tell you that it is as unstable as sand.  Any life experience that is built upon the false sense of Self, will suffer all the cracking, shifting, splitting and warping that occurs when the unstable foundation drops out from under it. All this causes the pain and suffering experienced through life.

The Self – image / ego is unstable. It has nothing to anchor to. Think of how your thoughts change from one minute to the next. One minute you are fine the next you could be angry, sad, depressed, full of fear, or steeped in anxiety.

If you would only track your thoughts and how they make you feel through even half a day you would realize it is unstable.

The delusional Self – image is not to be trusted or relied on. It causes you to be inconsistent in your thoughts of being healthy and fit. It causes a sense of confidence when you focus on wellbeing and abundance and the next creates fear and doubt when it doesn’t know how it will happen.

It is attention that is the anchor bolt that holds the house, (life experience), firmly to the bedrock of Consciousness / Awareness.

Attention must find itself firmly set into Consciousness / Awareness, and not into the shallow unstable sands of the delusional Self – image / ego.

Where you direct your attention, either in Consciousness / Awareness, or the delusional Self – image / ego, it is attention that will determine the quality of the life experience, including your health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance.

With attention directed and anchored in the True – Self, Consciousness / Awareness, there is no shifting. The attention is set firmly in the Self, so no thoughts of ego can affect its bedrock stability.

This means you are no longer a slave to the delusional thoughts of ego.

Can you imagine how much more joyful and effortless it is to not be bombarded with delusional thoughts of doubt, worry, fear, anxiety, lack, pride, arrogance, and ignorance?

I will remind you that health; fitness, wellbeing, and abundance are your birthright.

All that is needed is to realize deeply that who you believe you are; the delusional image, is the foundation upon which you are through attention, anchoring your state of health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance. If this is true, then they will be unstable and constantly shifting from under you. You will feel you have no way of anchoring yourself so that true health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance can be created.

Not to worry. It only takes the first step. Ask for help in directing attention towards your True – Self, Consciousness / Awareness.

I am here to help.

Let’s do this together.

Join me on “The Easy Health Formula” online course, and our “Advanced Training to Health, Fitness, and Wellbeing.

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Until then I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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