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Relying On Supplements Before Lifestyle

A great many times when speaking with clients the question is asked, “What kind of supplements can I take to get better results?” It is a fair question. We know that supplements in their design whether natural or man-made, support the body in its abilities to function and heal.

The challenge comes when folks look at supplements as a crutch, to do the work for them so they don’t have to change their habits.

Here is an example. There are many supplements known as Thermogenic, meaning they increase the metabolism of the cells, and in doing so burn additional calories above and beyond their natural state. These supplements are taken for two basic reasons. The first is usually to reduce body fat, and the second to increase energy. Both results are highly sought after in the fitness world. A leaner body for the aesthetic appeal, and more energy during workouts. There is a third reason for the continual use of these supplements, and that is behavioral addiction to the out come. Much like coffee thermogenics give that boost of energy, which becomes addictive. Then there is also the fear that the body will gain weight and feel less energetic if the supplement is stopped.

We speak about the natural way or the way the body was designed to create optimum health, fitness, and wellbeing. If we follow this natural blueprint of health and wellness the body has the ability to heal itself in almost all cases.

My mentor Paul Chek gives the example of building a boat with gold screws, but using rotten wood. In this scenario the screws are supplements and the wood is the body. If the body is rotting all the supplements in the world won’t keep it afloat, because the integrity of the wood is unable to support itself.

This leads us now into a deeper discussion of creating true health and wellness. How do we in a sense, start over with a clean base line and build true health and wellness?

Many times we hear it’s all to confusing, and to this I agree. However, much of the confusion comes from never taking responsibility to consistently focus our energy on the basics. We jump around trying this and that. We hear about the next great supplement to reverse aging or heal chronic pain, but we never look at what we are or are not doing to our bodies each and every day that is causing the issue to begin with.

This is where self-responsibility comes in. If you are not willing to take responsibility for what you do to your body, it will be very challenging for the body to heal. The body can only handle so much abuse before it starts to decline.

It is much the same as saying how much stress can you handle before you break down. Ask any parent of a newborn and they will admit not very long. Even with the incredible love a parent has for their new born, sleepless nights, and constant attention to the child’s wellbeing will exhaust even the youngest and healthiest of mothers and fathers. They will soon begin to get irritated at the little things in life, experience physical exhaustion, and stop taking care of themselves.

The thought of “My life is no longer my own” occurs as the ego’s steps in with fear. Thoughts of “How am I going to do this, I can’t do this, I’m falling apart”. All these thoughts and more are the ego creating fear, based on the conditions.

What makes more sense, trying to fix the symptoms, or heal the cause? Hopefully you have chosen the latter. Healing the cause is the only true way to create health and wellness. All the supplements and actions in the world will not resolve the issue if the cause is not healed. Why, because the cause will only be suppressed until another time when a weakening in our defenses occurs and then it will seize its opportunity.

This is observed in what is referred to as cancer. Remission is the common word for a condition in which the outward symptom of dysfunctional cell growth (cancer) decreases and subsides. However, it has the potential re-emerge.

Let us be simple and clear and to the point.

Trying to create health and wellness by adding in supplements no matter how wonderful is a half measure. What is required is a change in the habits, which caused the ill health and wellbeing to begin with. It makes no sense to keep taking aspirin to stop the pain in your big toe if you are going to keep walking around barefoot stubbing your toe. This is what most of us are doing though. We are unwilling to admit we need to change behaviors to heal.

Most importantly, it must also be recognized that all change in the physical aspects of your life experience also takes the most effort and will need to be continuously monitored to stay on track.

So then what to do? What is the most appropriate and correct, way to heal? This will sound familiar, however there is no getting round it.

To force actions of healthy behaviors take a herculean effort if there is no change in the self- image.

It always comes back to who you believe yourself to be. Heal the cause by no longer being the person / ego that created it through the lifestyle you have been living.

You yourself, your True Nature, radiates health and wellbeing. The only reasons you are not experiencing it is because you believe yourself to be a person other than that.

All that is needed is the realization that you do not require a made up, (false), identity to exist.

The time is now, not sometime in the future for you to create health and wellness. See this moment as the critical point of changing your life around.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing and abundance? Then let go of every idea, and attachment to the contrary.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

If so, let me help you.

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

We have three wonderful options so you can fulfill your purpose.

and introducing…

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave.

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