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Your Attention Is Your Highest Power

Let us share now, the power that you are that is the substance and life of all that you create.

We have spoken about how powerful the mind is and that it is through thoughts we create our life experience. Remember our life experience includes our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, body, and circumstances that occur in our day-to-day experiences.

However the delusional mind has no life unto itself. It cannot exist without you as life itself giving yourself to it.

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Creating The Gift Of Mind And Body

We train the body to manifest optimum health and fitness. We train the mind to awaken to its natural innocence. We awaken as Beingness and experience the fullness of our true nature through the mind and body.

We have these gifts of mind and body. Most of us however don’t truly grasp what this means. We may say “Yes, I can see my mind and certainly my body as gifts that should be cherished”. The question then is why are we not taking care of them to create optimum health and wellbeing?

If you truly recognize how amazing the mind and body are, and the potential each holds to create a magnificent life experience, I believe you would let go of your habits, and create a new lifestyle.

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Have You Integrated Yet?

How have you been doing with integrating spirit, mind, and body? Do you understand this question? Even more, do you have a direct realization of the meaning of this question? Do you still believe you are the personality, and body?

If you are not sure, then you still are. You will still be caught up in being affected by the external circumstances of the life experience. You will be personalizing everything as if it must affect you, and there is no escaping the pain and suffering that is attached with, or comes with it.

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Up Grade Your Lifestyle, Don’t Suffer Giving Things Up

When most folks decide to make changes in their lives it seems to come with a price. Take for instance making the decision to get healthy and fit. There is the moment of motivation that moves you effortlessly into the decision “ I’m going to start eating healthy and working out. I’m ready, I can feel it”.

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