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Up Grade Your Lifestyle, Don’t Suffer Giving Things Up

When most folks decide to make changes in their lives it seems to come with a price. Take for instance making the decision to get healthy and fit. There is the moment of motivation that moves you effortlessly into the decision “ I’m going to start eating healthy and working out. I’m ready, I can feel it”.

In this moment if feels so certain that this time I will do it. It feels good, positive and there is a confidence that is underlying the thought. The path to follow seems easy to do. “I’ll just eat well and work out, that is easy”.

There is even the vision of a body and lifestyle that goes along with the thoughts. As Bob Proctor, one of my mentors taught, “ We think in pictures”.

In the beginning the path does seem easy. We are filled with motivation to eat well and workout. We feel better about ourselves already, even just after the first day. There is a sense of “Yes, finally, I’m going to do it”.

Not long after our motivation begins to fade. The newness of our healthy lifestyle takes on a lesser feeling. It actually starts to feel like a burden. There is so much that has to be done to keep it going. Always making the right or best choices for food, instead of just eating whatever is wanted. Then the daily routine of what now feels like dragging yourself to the gym, to get in a workout.

The new healthy, fit lifestyle that was so promising and full of excitement has now become a constant battle of what you can’t eat, and what you have to do. What was once an exciting new dream becoming a reality has now become a burden of constantly denying yourself of the enjoyments of life.

What has actually happen? Why has creating health and fitness lost that “Lovin feelin” as the song goes?

All this is coming from the self-image / ego. It is the self-image stomping its foot down and having a temper tantrum that it is not getting what it is use to getting.

Many folks take these cravings and thoughts of not wanting to work out as a sign they should not. As if a higher being is looking out for them and saying, “ see how this makes you feel, you shouldn’t pursue this health and fitness lifestyle”.

This is all nonsense. Meaning, there is no actual sense of fact to these thoughts and craving. It is just the delusional mind and body, that are use to a certain way of being, and now that there is a change the delusional mind and body are acting out. This is why it is said people don’t like change.

This is why change feels uncomfortable and even scary.

All this is created from your beliefs, which in turn creates the perceptions,

Of how you perceive external circumstances. If the circumstances are different from what is normal, there will be thoughts and feelings, (perceptions), of uncomfortableness and fear.

When the changes are drastically different you can bet the uncomfortableness and fear will be great. It is in this uncomfortableness and fear that you will feel like you are suffering and giving the things up, that makes you happy.

Of course this is not true, however, the ego will do its best to keep convincing you of this until you come back to it, or you transcend it.

It is so much easier to see these changes as upgrading your lifestyle to health and fitness rather than having to give up what you are use to.

It is just this change in perception that makes all the difference. It is the difference between continuing to make progress in your health and fitness or sliding back into your previous health and fitness challenges.

You must realize you are becoming a new and better you, when you consistently accomplish the daily activities that are a part of health and fitness.

There is never a need to suffer anything. Suffering is only something experienced due to the perceptions caused by the belief system, which is the ego / self image.

Let go of the ego, and your perceptions will fall away. It is then that you will experience the true nature of yourself and every moment.

You have before you the ability to do just this.

Health, fitness, and wellbeing are your birthright. All that is needed is the committed decision to claim it and then step forward into creating it.

I wish for all of you a vibrant life.


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