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Image of the universe with the words "our minds are infinitely powerful, not just to think, but to create. -Dave Fresilli" overlayed on it

Creating The Gift Of Mind And Body

We train the body to manifest optimum health and fitness. We train the mind to awaken to its natural innocence. We awaken as Beingness and experience the fullness of our true nature through the mind and body.

We have these gifts of mind and body. Most of us however don’t truly grasp what this means. We may say “Yes, I can see my mind and certainly my body as gifts that should be cherished”. The question then is why are we not taking care of them to create optimum health and wellbeing?

If you truly recognize how amazing the mind and body are, and the potential each holds to create a magnificent life experience, I believe you would let go of your habits, and create a new lifestyle.

If you woke up today and experienced a mind of tranquility and joy without attachments, or judgments, you would feel, “Oh my gosh, this is such a gift I will do whatever is needed to continue in this way”. If you woke up with a body filled with youthfulness and energy free from all health challenges, you would feel “ I will take care of this body to maintain this level of health and fitness”.

The point is, the moment you experience it, there is a realization of the preciousness of a healthy mind and body.

Many of us are use to feeling and thinking and being the way we are. We know nothing different. We are in the habit of being the personality, or image we hold of ourselves. We don’t see beyond this self-image.

Yet, each one of us has and is the potential to be far beyond what we are expressing right now.

Let us look at each part of the whole of our expression.

These magnificent physical biological bodies that have the ability to heal themselves and are made up of trillions upon trillions of cells. Each cells holds with in it the blueprint of your genetics. These bodies are capable of creating youthfulness and vitality throughout the entire life span. No matter what the age of the body it has the ability to feel energetic, light and fit. Now, of course as the body ages it does slow down a bit, however even at an advanced age the body is capable of being incredibly healthy and vibrant.

We see it all the time, don’t we? We see and hear about people both men and women who in their eighties, nineties, even sometimes into their hundreds, who are healthy in mind and body and live very active life experiences.

We look at them and say, “ They are so lucky to be blessed with being so healthy”. What makes them different from the average person? Some of it may be genetics, however, I will bet they also have a very healthy mindset and lifestyle that contributes to their youthfulness and health.

We should condition the body to create optimum health and fitness. When we do the body will respond accordingly, because it is designed to acclimate to the environment it is subject to. The body is meant to thrive. When we give it the 6 Components of Health and Wellness at optimum levels the body does its utmost to adjust to those conditions. The result is health, fitness, and wellbeing.

Our minds are infinitely powerful, not just to think, but to create. What a gift we as Beingness possess. We flow through and give life to the mind, and through the mechanics of the mind our bodies and life experience manifest.

How many of us realize the magnitude to the power of our minds? If we did we would nurture our mind set, knowing that whatever we focus our attentions on will begin to become our reality in the phenomenal world.

What is even more poignant is to realize that to cleanse the mind of the false sense of self, (ego, personality, self-image); we awaken to our true nature. As our awakened true nature each and every moment radiates, peace, tranquility, joy, love, and abundance.

As an awakened Being, the mind is still, yet highly aware, and functional. The body is free from emotional pain and suffering that had been blocked up causing physical health and fitness challenges.

As an awakened Being you are now experiencing the mind, body, and life experience, as your true nature.

Your true nature is tranquility, joy, love, and abundance. So you now experience a mind of tranquility, joy, love, and abundance. You experience a body of tranquility, joy, love, and abundance. And you experience a life experience and all its conditions as tranquility, joy, love, and abundance.

How much different will your life be when you begin to embrace the gifts of mind, and body? How much more health, fitness, and wellbeing are you capable of creating? I say it is completely up to you?

Let nothing, no thoughts, feeling, or circumstances be a supposed obstacle between you and your birthright. I say supposed, because it is only you who will believe anything can have the ability to be an obstacle. I tell you now, no-thing can be an obstacle unless you allow it to become one.

Allowing some – thing to become an obstacle is simply a matter of believing it is one. This is the power of the gift of the mind.

Begin to use the power of mind and body to awaken to your true nature and if it pleases you, use them to create the life experience you truly desire.

You are eternally and infinitely powerful.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care,


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