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Your Attention Is Your Highest Power

Let us share now, the power that you are that is the substance and life of all that you create.

We have spoken about how powerful the mind is and that it is through thoughts we create our life experience. Remember our life experience includes our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, body, and circumstances that occur in our day-to-day experiences.

However the delusional mind has no life unto itself. It cannot exist without you as life itself giving yourself to it.

It is attention that is the key force that directs you as Life / Consciousness / Beingness, to move into thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. As attention is given to any -“Thing”, life flows into it. Whatever is given attention becomes energized, or alive and experienced.

Most have heard of the power of “Intention”. This is very true, however, “Intentions” are your beliefs. “Attention” is the action of giving life to the “Intentions”. Therefore, without giving “Attention” to the “Intention” it has no power.

Recognizing that you are this life force, (power), and not the personality / ego is the first step to creating the life you have dreamed of.

In fact it will be far beyond what you have dreamed of, because there will be a deep experiencing of being joy, tranquility, and abundance in ever moment. You will also realize that there is no need or desire to place attention on any thought or idea that doesn’t re-affirm you are Beingness, and not an idea that was previously believed in as an ego/ personality.

You may think of attention as the action of Beingness moving into a thought and giving life to it. Attention is the action of Beingness moving into or giving itself fully to some -“Thing”.

Many will ask, “How can I stop sabotaging myself in my health and fitness goals”? Well, now you understand that the only reason sabotaging goal happens is due to Beingness giving its attention to a thought, which is in opposition to the goal.

For instance, most folks start and exercise and nutritional program to get healthy and fit. In the beginning the new idea, (thought), of a better life overrides the old lifestyle of improper eating, and not exercising. Due to the attention being given to the new idea it is full of life, (Beingness). This makes it fun and easy to eat right and exercise, and you feel good about it. It even may seem easy. Many folks say, “This is so easy, I don’t know why it took me so long to do this. It feels really good”. Even all these are just thoughts being given life.

Then as time goes by, the old ego / self-image, begins to show itself in the form of thoughts and ideas. Attention begins to flow into them and they are enlivened, (lived in), and experienced. They seem so strong, and hard to stop thinking about. This is because Beingness was always in the habit of flowing into them before the new idea of health and fitness was started.

This is why it is said old habits are hard to break. It is only due to Beingness being use to flowing a certain way, into familiar thoughts, ideas and beliefs.

Can you see why health and fitness, or anything in life that is created and experienced is a fully integrated existence of Spirit, Mind, and Body?

Without the Spirit, (Beingness), Mind has no life and so no thought can exist. Without Spirit giving its attention to the thoughts the mind creates, the body would not exist, or be able to experiences the physical world.

What does all this mean for us? Certainly it hopefully triggers a deeper awakening that you are beyond who you think you are as this physical mind / body person. It means that by giving your attention to only what you desire, you as the source and substance of all “Things”, will give life to them, and in time will at some level manifest them into the physical world as your life experience.

If you would like to experience health, fitness and wellbeing, (and who doesn’t), then only flow attention into feeling and being that. The more you focus your attention in this direction the easier it becomes. It becomes your new self–image and lifestyle. It will become who you know your – “Self” to be.

Primarily though, my deepest feeling is that you will realize that turning your attention inwardly to feeling Beingness, and awakening to your True Nature is your true purpose for giving life to your mind and body.

Without mind and body there is no ability of the pure consciousness to awaken to itself. This is the gift of mind and body as instruments of experience and expression.

Mind and body are the conduit to your awakening. This is my humble feeling to creating health, fitness, and wellbeing in the mind and body.

The healthier the mind and body the more vibrant are these conduits of awakening free of delusion and attachments.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care,


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