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The Challenge with Being a Person

Oh my gosh, when is this going to stop? Have you ever asked yourself this question?

The “this” being referred to is anything that has the attention of your persona. You know, the list of thoughts and concepts you believe about yourself and the world?

Think on this. How many pages would you need to write down everything about yourself, all your beliefs about yourself, past experiences and thoughts of the future, fears, and triumphs? It would be a small book I would think.

Now let’s say you give this to the best actor in the world and they must not only memorize this character, but also become this person. Slowly but surely the actor would begin to forget themselves and begin taking on your persona until they believed themselves to be you. It would become so natural they wouldn’t have to think about it any longer they and would be your persona.

Think of the work involved. It would be exhausting wouldn’t it? Well, that is what you are doing right now in your life experience. You are continually living as a belief system. You are living as an idea of a person, which is suffering from more ideas it has of itself and the world.

This is life draining and yet, you are life itself. So you are draining into a personhood, and feeling the exhaustion of being a person.

Can you feel how this can be challenging to your health, fitness, and certainly your wellbeing? All of them suffer from this constant up-keep of the person identity.

It is the person who thinks and feels there are problems and frustrations, and difficulties. It is the person who thinks and feels life is hard, people are out to get them, and nothing turns out the way it is desired.

You must begin to understand that the personhood’s beliefs about health and fitness issues are being sustained by giving constant attention to those beliefs.

What does it mean to give constant attention to something? Just that. If you are thinking about something even subtly, attention is flowing to that belief. When this happens, you, (as life itself), nourish it with life. A thought that is given attention will grow stronger. Just like giving water and fertilizer to a plant. However, if you give no attention to the flower, (thought), it will wilt away and not have a lasting affect on the person.

Remember, we are going right to the heart of the matter. We would like you to recognize that your challenges in this life expression are only due to the attachment you hold for them. You feel a certain loyalty to thinking about them and keeping them alive.

Your health, fitness, and wellbeing are directly related to who you believe yourself to be.

If you believe that it is hard to get healthy, or you just don’t want to try, then you will not try. The person will create all sorts of reasons why not to do it.

If you have been told that you have and illness or disease that is life threatening and you believe you are doomed, you are going to move down that path.

Do you realize how powerful the mind is? It is limitless in its abilities to manifest the ideas that are believed in.

Starts recognizing how powerful this instrument of mind is and begin to apply attention only to that which you desire. Don’t give another thought to any thought, feeling, or circumstance, that isn’t what you desire.

As you put your attention on only feeling the Beingness that you are, you will experience peace and tranquility, and through this peace and tranquility health and wellness grow.

What are your beliefs?

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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