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The Burden Of Thoughts

When we become attached to thoughts it means we are identifying with thoughts. It is the ego or person or self-image that is doing this. It means you are taking it personally. Once you take something personally it takes on a burdensome feeling.

The heaviness and burden of thoughts have a weight on the person, just the same as poor quality foods have a heaviness and burden on the body. You can actually feel the burden once you are eating them. Once you are thinking thoughts you can feel the heaviness of them.

Have you noticed how you feel when you judge people? At first it may give you a sense of superiority over them, however, if you feel deeper you will recognize you don’t feel good about yourself. It feels like a wining infant not getting what it wants.

Without thought we feel lite and unburdened, just as with proper quantity and quality of food we feel satiated and not full or burdened. This is a great realization once you begin to become aware of this, because we begin to realize our thoughts are what are causing our suffering.

Most of your life and who you believe yourself to be is just a collection of burdens. This means all your past memories and thoughts of the future cause this sense of burden. There is the burden to make things better, or to alleviate pain.

Who feels the burden? Is it the body? No, it cannot be the body. The body is a biological mass of cells communicating through a nervous system and its only mode of operandi is to do its best to survive. The body doesn’t label or judge, or think. It just goes about surviving in whatever environment it is in. So the body isn’t able to feel this burden.

We know Consciousness or Beingness our True Nature does not feel burden. No matter what the circumstances, Consciousness is neutral. It does not have the ability to label or judge either. Consciousness is eternal peace and tranquility.

So it must be the mind right? Well let’s look deeper into this. The mind in its natural state is innocent of all labeling, judgment, and attachment. However, once it begins to develop a personality or ego it is the beginning of delusional. It is this delusional aspect of the mind that causes and feels all the pain and suffering.

Here is a good example to help you understand. A couple breaks up and one is forced find a new place to live. This person has little money so cannot afford a nice place. The person feels abandoned, mistreated, and is unhappy with the new living environment.

So who is suffering the burden of the circumstances? Is it Consciousness? Of course not Consciousness does mind the circumstances at all. Consciousness is in complete peace and tranquility. Is it the body? How could it be? The body has no ability to label or judge and so is perfectly fine with the circumstances. The only thing that is labeling and judging is the delusional mind. It is the ego or self-image that is completely at odds with these different circumstances. Why is this so? Because the ego is fighting to maintain everything as it was. It is referring to the past and future against what is right now and feels it is losing its identity of whom it was when it was in the relationship.

When circumstances happen, and they always are, thoughts will arise in an attempt to find some kind of connections to what is happening. If a connection is made no matter how slight, the unconscious person will give attention to them and bring them to life.

This is when thoughts become burdens. They are burdens because they weigh you down and add to the delusion. It is this delusion that causes pain and suffering.

Remember thoughts have no life or existence of their own. The only way they can exist is if Consciousness itself, which is you and I, flow attention into the seeds of thought. Once energy is given to a seed of thought it blossoms into a full thought and is experienced. With this thought other thoughts will now arise to find more connections.

When you are having a thought you are giving life to it. If it has no meaning to the ego it will be dropped, however if the ego finds meaning in it the burden will be felt. Whether it is a good thought or a bad thought it makes no difference if you are identifying and attached to it.

Realizing that most of your day is spent in thought will bring about some understanding of how much you are not being present. Then you can begin to let go of your attachment to thinking and identifying.

We all say that we just want a little bit of peace and quiet. This is truer than you think. Peace and quiet are your True Nature. What you are actually feeling is a drawing back to your True Nature. A coming back into peace and tranquility.

When this happens you will give more and more time to just being still in mind and body.

From this stillness health and wellbeing will arise.

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave

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