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Senses Without Conditions

Most all of us have the gift of six senses to experience the world of phenomena. Even those who may not have the function of sight or hearing have developed an elevated ability in some of the other senses.

Our senses alone do not have the ability to do anything other than what their function is. That is sight can only take in images, hearing can only take in sound, etc. The senses do not have the ability to label, judge, or create an attachment to or an identity with their functions. This means the eyes as an organ of sight cannot decided whether something is pleasing or scary, joyful or upsetting. This is true for all the senses.

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You Are Healthy You Cannot Be Otherwise

You believe your body into manifesting unhealthiness. You feel the pain and reactions of the body expressing the unhealthiness. Yet, you are not unhealthy.

What does this all mean, because it certainly sounds like a contradiction.

The body will manifest what you believe to be true. If you have thoughts and feelings that you are out of shape, or need to lose body fat, or hate your body, the body has little choice but to manifest those reactions.

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A Consciousness Of Health

We are always speaking of  “Who do you believe your -Self to be”? The goal if there is one, is to realize that the concept you are holding and living in, as your-Self is what determines your life experience.

The concept of your identity as a person is the blueprint of your experience. It is the auto- pilot of your thoughts, feeling, and actions along with what you will attract and create. This concept of your identity, (personality / ego), is the autopilot which steers your course in the manifested world.

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The You That Is Holding You Back

Most all of what you are experiencing or going through is due to you. It is, may I say, the little you, the false you. This you is the you, You have created by being alive in thoughts of identification with your experiences.

We will call this little false you, your ego, personality, self – image. All of these are the same as the little false you.

Just to go a bit deeper, if you break the self – image apart, there is the “Self” and then the image. It is the image that is the little false you.

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Being The Most Amazing You

Who do you believe your –“Self” to be? Is this belief what you truly desire to be?

If you are not sure as to identifying who you believe your-“Self” to be, then we will speak to this.

It is only a matter of realizing who you are right now, how you act, your thoughts, and behaviors are the expression of the image you believe your-Self to be.

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Your Health & Wellbeing Takes So Little

Hypocrites realized that the key to health should be focused on nutrition, sleep, creating peace in your life, and being in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

In this modern day when so much is now taken care of for us, there is no necessity to extend yourself physically. Think back on what life has been like for most of mankind’s existence. Hunting & gathering, farming, building without the use of modern technologies, meant the human race spent a majority of each day physically active. Due to our lack of daily exercise we now have added movement.

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