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Health and Wellbeing; Give Up To Receive

We have heard that it is a Universal truth that to give is to receive. This goes against everything the ego / Self – image is based upon, which is; it must continually receive and be equally greedy to get what it wants. The ego is always in a state of lack. There will be momentary experiences when it feels fulfilled however, shortly after it will be in need again.

All this is due to the unstable state that the ego is. Because of this instability of its existence, it must continually provide for its sense of aliveness. Another way of saying this is the ego must always create a sense of  “I am real, I exist apart from everything else”. For it to exist it must believe it is a separate individual.

The ego will use every thought and concept it can come up with to prove to itself its individuality. And this is where we all get into trouble. You see, the more the ego can live or believe in a thought (belief), it can sustain its identity.

For example the ego will create its sense of identity as something that is dealing with back pain, depression, gut issues, migraines, an illness or dis-ease, a divorce, or even the opposite such as “I am the greatest, the smartest, the best athlete, the richest, the most talented or spiritual”.  Can you now see, that as Life itself, Beingness, Consciousness, you give life to the ego by giving attention to these thoughts of individuality through pain and suffering.

Thoughts are the highest form of Life itself, (you). You give form to thoughts, by giving them life, or being alive in them. Once you live in a thought, (belief), it becomes alive or real for you.

The thought that you are a person (ego), with all the other beliefs that you have attached to it, then creates your life experience.

It is not you who has an illness or disease, it is the body. It is not you who suffers the emotional pain of fear and anxiety about the divorce, it is the ego / delusional image that has been created out of thoughts now being believed in.

The ego is perfectly happy being miserable because it gives it more to attach to and in doing so supports the idea that it is real and exists.

I am not saying the illness or disease or divorce is not happening, it may be, however, I am gently pointing you to the truth that you as Life itself are not affected by it. It is only the identity concept of ego, and the body, that is experiencing and expressing the pain and suffering.

We create a great deal of the life experience through thoughts, and so I now get to the point. Give up the thoughts and beliefs that you have an illness or disease. Surrender your hold on thoughts and concepts that you are not good enough, or that you will never find someone to love you. Let go of ideas that you will never get healthy and fit, or that you aren’t motivated enough, or you don’t want try.

Give away all thoughts and concepts that you have to control and think your way out of your deeply identified problems. If you see things as problems or issues then they will be. They become problems and issues because you living in the ego judge them as such. You as Life itself give life to the concept of an ego / person and then give life to the thoughts the ego is having to sustain its existence through the conditions of pain, suffering, and arrogance.

Health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance are all expressions of your True Nature, or Life itself. However, if you are giving life to the ego / person concept, it will create the delusion of individuality through limitless thoughts and concepts. It is just in these thoughts of separateness meant to sustain its sense of existence and security, which create a sense of lack in the ego. And so, the ego is in a continuous state of self-prophecy. It is proving to itself, “I am an individual separate from the whole, and so I am not the whole, so I am lacking”. This is why the ego is a creation of the delusional mind. The ego / person identity is not real. It is made up.

Give up your sense of identity as a person with all its fears of illness, disease pain suffering, and arrogance, and health and wellbeing will become obvious.

The ego will no longer be present to create drama, and so there will be no attachment or judgment to any condition that was previously identified with personal pain.

Ask yourself this… “If I no longer identified with an illness or disease or painful situation whether physical or emotional, how would I feel”?

It is said that time heals. However it is not time that heals, but instead detachment, or non-identification. Is this not true?

We all have had emotionally painful experiences in our lives. Think back on one of them. Remember how painful it felt? It overtook every moment of your waking hours. You couldn’t escape the thoughts. Yet, now you never think about it. When you do it seems like a lifetime ago and there is no reaction to it. You feel neutral. Well, what has happened? You have no attachment to it anymore. Which means there is little to no identification with it. At some point you either directly or indirectly chose to give it up.

Did the situation happen to you? Of course it did. Does it affect you anymore? No, not in the least.

When something doesn’t affect you anymore it opens you up to infinite possibilities of something more wonderful.

You, Life itself, are that limitless source and expression of  something more wonderful.

Give up your attachment to all that is ailing you, and receive the health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance that are your birthright.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

If so I want to help you.

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave.

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