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Holding On Or letting Go, It Always Your Choice

Let us cut to the chase. You and I have been together long enough. If you have been truly hearing what has been presented over the last few years, it is clear enough that if you are holding onto to an identity as a person with its beliefs and attachments you will hold yourself back from manifesting and enjoying health and wellness.

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Your Wellbeing Lives In The Stillness

So much of the time we are speaking to health and fitness. Let us now give our attention to what is referred to as wellbeing.

When we think about health and fitness it is directed to the body and the condition of its physical state. Is the body healthy, and is it fit? We look to see if there is any dysfunction, illness, or disease. Then we test the body’s condition of stability, strength, power, balance, speed, agility, and flexibility. These physical attributes are referred to as Bio-motor abilities. Based on these subjective and objective attributes we then can determine the levels of health and fitness.

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Deeper Levels Of Health, Deeper Levels Of Healing

The deepest level of healing is going within and realizing our true nature.

We are told that to heal we need to identify the memories of certain events that caused us to create a belief that is now lying in our sub-consciousness causing the health issue.

For instance some illness and disease can be created from beliefs that we are not good enough or we hate ourselves. The body goes about creating illness and or disease from this self-hatred.

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A Day In The Life Of Healthy Living

What does it mean to live a life of health and wellness? For many, this is only a partially formed concept. Thoughts of eating healthy come to mind but the specifics are not there. Then thoughts of exercise surface, but lacking any clear-cut steps. Very seldom are the thoughts of sleep, hydration, and breathing occurring when associations of health and wellness are considered. Lastly, our own self-image i.e. who we believe ourselves to be is almost certainly unrealized as the most important component in living a health and wellness lifestyle.

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You Are Healthy You Cannot Be Otherwise

You believe your body into manifesting unhealthiness. You feel the pain and reactions of the body expressing the unhealthiness. Yet, you are not unhealthy.

What does this all mean, because it certainly sounds like a contradiction.

The body will manifest what you believe to be true. If you have thoughts and feelings that you are out of shape, or need to lose body fat, or hate your body, the body has little choice but to manifest those reactions.

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You Feel You Have Time

The reason you don’t make the changes in health and wellness is because you feel you have time, so you keep putting it off. You ignore the lesser symptoms of declining health and wellness with all sorts of excuses.

What if you didn’t have anymore time? If it was life or death you would step into a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t you?

We see this many times when folks are diagnosed with life threatening diseases. It may have taken several years or even decades of poor lifestyle habit that were causing lesser symptom before it got to the point of no return. Then the diagnosis is given and all of a sudden the person is asking how did this happen?

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Fear Is Your Pointing To Going Forward

In most cases when we experience fear it is unnecessary. Yet for most of us it stops us in our tracks from moving forward in creating what we desire.

When you can recognize the fear and still move forward, you grow. You grow in your awareness in recognizing most fears are only the by-product of your perceptions.

This means your self-image, or ego determines your perceptions and creates a fear based thought process to stop you from moving forward.

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