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Being Grateful Right Now

Being Grateful for all that has happened in the past should be a confirmation to be grateful for what is happening right now.

When was the last time you said or thought, “ I am so grateful for everything that has happened to me in the past”? Why is it that we feel this way? We certainly didn’t feel that way when we were going through it, were we?

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Posture Of The Spirit Mind & Body

You and I have spoken before on how important posture is for the body’s overall health.

If we expand the same concept out to the spirit and mind you will begin to see that posture holds the same significance to your overall sense of wellbeing.

As a review, let’s start from the bottom up and review some of the physical aspects of posture on the body.

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The Need To Endure

Enduring Life Is Slowing You Down

Part of working with clients is to give them insights into what might be holding them back. It is a gentle nudging to get the client to awaken to their higher “Self”, and realize how they have internally been causing their health fitness, and wellness issues. Sometimes this nudging is more than a nudge if the client is so stuck they are denying there is something out of balance.

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Stop Making It So Hard

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you that almost every client and friend, who comes for help to get healthy, feels the need to express how hard it is for them.

This whole healthy lifestyle is hard to do. All the eating right and working out, and getting sleep and the whole drinking water thing is just annoying. I feel like I’m being a different person.

The reason anything in life seems hard or challenging to do is because it is different from how you have been living or doing. It is new. We say people don’t like change. It is not that people don’t like change it is just that there must be a change in you, and that feels uncomfortable. It is the mind / ego saying “That’s not the way we do this”.

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