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Do You Want to Be Happy And Healthy Or Right

This question of do you want to be happy or right is the awakening to transforming your life experience.

You see, it all at once hit me that it is the ego that is always wanting to prove itself right along with its existence. It looks to always prove it is right and everything else is wrong, or that it needs things its way. This concept or belief system of having to be right is what creates all the pain and suffering you experience.

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The Leaves Are Changing, The Tree Does Not Weep

Change is constant.

You are not the changing experience you are what witness’s the change without attachment or meaning.

Autumn is upon us and everywhere there are signs of the changing season. Here in Southern Oregon, it happened overnight. One day I was speaking to a client, as we looked out over the trees which were still green and the next day several trees right in front of the studio turned yellow and red. It was as if they needed to be reminded of the season change and their part to play.

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You Keep Putting Up Walls

You are getting in your own way. Have you ever felt like that? You keep putting up walls around you and you feel more and more isolated.

What are these walls? They are nothing but thoughts of lack and resistance. They may have more of a story to them, such as I can’t find someone to love me, or I try but I always fail. It does not matter what the story is, it always come back to the original source of not feeling whole or complete, or in another word Loved.

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Realize You Are Not

The health of the body and the wellbeing of the mind are in direct proportion to realizing you are not the mind or the body. I have a feeling that is a bit confusing to most.

We say the body is a servant to the mind. By this it is understood that whatever thoughts the mind chronically holds on to, or if there is a acute experience that creates a deep emotional belief, the body will begin to express the underlying thought. No matter what the catalyst is the core emotion or belief is one of insecurity, or lack of wholeness. This could be understood as; I am not good enough, healthy enough, wealthy enough, smart enough, etc.

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Brave Enough to Let Go

Let’s go deep; I am speaking about deep into the recesses of the ego that hold the ignorance of who we believe ourselves to be.

Why do this, when it is the one place where none of us want to go? Because it is the birthplace of our pain and suffering. It is the place in which we create thoughts that hold us back from the joy and love, health and wellbeing and abundance we are always saying we want and deserve. It is only through this hero’s journey as phrased by Joseph Campbell, that we will emerge victorious as our True Nature.

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A Day In The Life Of Healthy Living

What does it mean to live a life of health and wellness? For many, this is only a partially formed concept. Thoughts of eating healthy come to mind but the specifics are not there. Then thoughts of exercise surface, but lacking any clear-cut steps. Very seldom are the thoughts of sleep, hydration, and breathing occurring when associations of health and wellness are considered. Lastly, our own self-image i.e. who we believe ourselves to be is almost certainly unrealized as the most important component in living a health and wellness lifestyle.

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