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Your Experiences Are Pointers To Your True Nature

I want to share a true story that happened to me this morning. The reason I bring this up is to show how everything in this life experience is a pointing back to realizing you are the True Nature, and not the thought of being a person / ego-identity.

I was speaking to my younger sister yesterday who is quite spiritual and very intuitive. In this conversation she asked, “is there any part of my life experience that I feel I am not being fully vulnerable or completely authentic?” In other words, am I holding back from fully letting go, which could be hampering the full expression as the True Nature.

I feel that there must be some subtle attachments to thoughts of an identity still lingering that are dissolving away. I say this because there are moments in each day in which ego-identity is observed to be present, and even identified with.

Now let’s get to our story. This Sunday morning as with every Sunday morning for the past two years, I go to my studio in town to write a blog and record it as a podcast. However last night the thought of stopping by a local coffee house in the morning and getting a cup to go felt like a warm idea. You see, the days are beginning to get cooler and a warm morning drink seemed like a treat.

I don’t drink coffee except on a few occasions because it doesn’t work for my body. So, this morning I realized I was having a conflict in wanting it yet realizing it wasn’t good for me. The obvious choice is of course do not have the coffee. However, as I drove to the studio I found myself driving to the coffee shop, which is not the direct route to the studio. I let go of all conflict with the idea that I should do this, and bought my coffee.

Here is where it all comes into focus. Driving from the coffee shop to the studio I had to go through a neighborhood I would otherwise not have driven through this morning. As I pulled down a street that the local high school is on, I noticed two police officers standing at the soccer fields goal net doing something. I slowed down, and realized that a deer had somehow gotten its antlers all caught up in the netting. I almost kept driving, but instead stopped, got out, and asked if they needed help. One of the officers said sure. I asked if they needed anything to cut the netting with and they replied yes. I always have a toolbox in the back of my vehicle and I grabbed wire cutters and a carpet knife.

I made my way to them and indeed a 4-point buck about 120 pounds must have walked into the net without seeing it in the night. It was huffing and puffing, and quite stressed out due to having four people surrounding it and pulling on the net to free it. The dear itself was kicking it’s hind legs at us even though it was lying on the ground.

One officer using a pole and loop, (like they use to catch dogs) was able to secure a back leg enough to stretch both legs back without hurting the buck so that we could free the net without getting kicked.

Another officer cut away the net from the antlers while I and another officer held the netting. Within ten minutes and one last cut and the buck jumped back free from the net and the loop was instantly loosened from the back leg. The buck bounded away down the fence line and only one-hundred yards away was reunited with a few does that had been waiting for it.

This is a Sunday morning experience that would have never happen for me if I didn’t change my usual routine. However, this is not a lesson about giving in to your desires, or trying something new. These perceptions all have to do with identifying with the external circumstances of the life experience. This is just surface stuff, and the ego gets involved in subtle ways to create attachment to them. The ego will justify the experience by saying, “see what happened to me, look, I exist, I am real”. This is all false.

I sent a text to my younger sister, to use it as an example of what manifested from one of her questions, “how is your life experience manifesting as you are transcending in consciousness? Her reply was, maybe the Absolute is showing you you’re the buck who needs to be free.

In this moment it was also seen that as a pointer to the True Nature, it directly demonstrated in physical form that we all as the dear moving through our days ignorant of who we truly are as The Absolute. We wander about not looking up to question our surrounding and environment. We don’t question the idea of ourselves. This is the environment I am speaking of; the environment of the delusional mind thinking it is real. So, we find ourselves tangled in a net of lies and don’t know how to free ourselves. No matter what we do to make our life experience better and free ourselves from the pain and suffering, we seem to make it worse. We get more entangled in more thoughts until we are exhausted.

The net of thoughts of existing as a person / self – image, is a delusional net of lies we have conditioned ourselves to believe only out of ignorance to our True Nature.

Yet the officers and I seeing the buck entangled and full of pain and suffering know that by cutting away the net it will be free. The buck after being freed directly realizes that the environment of the net means entanglement and bondage. It will no longer suffer the pain of entrapment. The buck is freer that it was before the nets bondage.

We are our own emancipator. We are already free yet don’t realize it. We feel we are a self-image that is real and are suffering this life experience. The net we are seemingly entangled in is only thoughts strung together. They are strung together by a thought of an identity, which has had these experiences in this lifetime. As if to say these are the experiences that have happened in this life experience, and it is my identity. Yet there is no such thing as an experience identity. Better yet, an experience, or occurrence does not have an identity.

When you realize there is no identity to who you are as the True Nature, you, (not you as the identity idea, but instead you as Consciousness itself) have cut yourself free from the entanglement of identification with thoughts.

The net falls away without the binding thought of an identity to string the net together. Once free you recognize the false environment of the mind and no longer become entangled.

You have overcome the delusion of person-hood and attachment to an identity. You exist free in and as the never-ending forests and fields just like the buck.

Holding onto a false sense of your true Self, is the cause of pain and suffering. It is not needed and does not give this life experience any true joy and peace.

All that is needed is the realization that you do not require a made up, (false), identity to exist.

The time is now, not sometime in the future for you to create health and wellness. See this moment as the critical point of changing your life around.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing and abundance? Then let go of every idea, and attachment to the contrary.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

We have three wonderful options so you can fulfill your purpose.

and introducing…

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave

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