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Expression Vs. Desires

Many times when we think of our lives and how it is, we instantly formulate desires of what we really want.

For some of us it is financial wealth, for others it is love, or freedom, to be cured of an illness or disease. Everyone has there own desires based on what they feel is missing from their lives. There is the misunderstanding that by realizing this desire we will find happiness. This idea of happiness is illusive though. Happiness, love, joy, peace fulfillment, none of these can be achieved or found in the outward expression or manifestation of desires.

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Part II: Are You Being Sabotaged by Fungus And Parasites?

Let’s continue on with part two of Adrenal Fatigue, Parasites, and Fungus.

I am going to put this in more of an outline form so you can have some practical guidelines to follow.

Please understand that health, fitness, and well-being are a simple matter of living in harmony with nature.

What we want to discuss in this blog is healing the body of chronic health issues caused by adrenal dysfunction, fungus, and parasites.

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There Is No Body Without You

You are right now flowing your whole life force into a mind and body. How does that feel for you?

It is a different way of looking at who you think you are isn’t it? It points you to another feeling that you are the mind or body, but it is you who are giving life to them.

Yet, the experience will most probably dissolve into you thinking you are a person again. You’re not though. You are a spirit, giving life to the instruments of mind and body.

This is all done so that you as Beingness can experience itself in form.

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