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There Is No Body Without You

You are right now flowing your whole life force into a mind and body. How does that feel for you?

It is a different way of looking at who you think you are isn’t it? It points you to another feeling that you are the mind or body, but it is you who are giving life to them.

Yet, the experience will most probably dissolve into you thinking you are a person again. You’re not though. You are a spirit, giving life to the instruments of mind and body.

This is all done so that you as Beingness can experience itself in form.

Now, see if you can only feel a sense of just being. Do not identifying yourself as thoughts, beliefs, experiences, and the body shape. What is left? There will only be a sense of I’m still here. What is feeling that? Why, it is you as Beingness. It is the you who is giving life, (in fact are life itself), to the mind and body.

When you can begin to feel yourself as Beingness, you will begin to know you are not the mind and body.

However, the goal here is not to deny that the mind and body exist. It will come to pass that you will begin to recognize the preciousness of these two gifts.

Live joyfully in your body. Feel all the wonderful experiences of sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. The body allows the full experience of the five senses to be a glorious recognition to the love that is life itself, which is you as Beingness. Remember we said the phenomenal world is here so that god can experience and awaken to itself. Well this is what we are speaking of. Each and every moment holds within it the realization of consciousness. The body and mind are needed to have this experience.

Embrace your mind and body as the gifts they are, and use them as the best vehicles to express your true nature.

Allow the mind and body to be a beautiful example of joy, peace, and a life of non-resistance.

Don’t ignore the body’s needs for health and fitness. Take care of these wonderful gifts.
Your vehicles of experience and expressions have certain needs, (just like your car), for them to be of service to you as Beingness.

If you ignore the needs of the body it cannot heal it will breakdown, and be a reflection of poor health. There is no need for this. It is up to you to let go of the resistance you are holding onto in your self-image. This resistance comes in the form of thoughts and beliefs that you are a person, that you are the body and the mind. Again, you are not the mind and body.

Isn’t it ironic that we are asking you to release all thoughts, concepts, and beliefs that you are the mind and body so that you as beingness can enjoy the fullness of them.

The difference is that once you discover you are Beingness, the mind and body move back into their natural state of innocence without resistance, labeling, judgment, attachment, and identification. In this state of natural innocence it becomes a joy to flow through mind and body. Now Beingness experiences itself without the burdens of believing you are a person-hood.

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