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Expression Vs. Desires

Many times when we think of our lives and how it is, we instantly formulate desires of what we really want.

For some of us it is financial wealth, for others it is love, or freedom, to be cured of an illness or disease. Everyone has there own desires based on what they feel is missing from their lives. There is the misunderstanding that by realizing this desire we will find happiness. This idea of happiness is illusive though. Happiness, love, joy, peace fulfillment, none of these can be achieved or found in the outward expression or manifestation of desires.

The challenge for most of us is that we are programed to believe that it is the only way to achieve happiness. However, happiness is not a thing to be acquired. Happiness is always present, as is love, peace, and tranquility. You see, you are the infinite eternal consciousness. This is your true nature, meaning; it is what you truly are. Beyond all concepts of you as a person living a life, you are Beingness. You are what is before there is any thought of a self-image.

It is the self-image that is having difficulty with the life it perceives. As a matter of fact it is only because there is a self-image that there is any perceiving.

You as Beingness are without an idea of a self-image. You are only the self. There is no image. The self is pure consciousness before it gives itself to an image. That is what is meant by a self- image. The image is a delusional projection based on thoughts that have become beliefs. It is these beliefs that grouped together form an image of a person or ego.

This self-image / ego / person becomes so accepted by Beingness completely out of habit only. The reason we feel so identified as persons, is only out of habit. We as Beingness have become accustom to expressing our self as persons. This last statement holds the absolute truth that Beingness, consciousness, is expressing it self as many different expressions of persons. Not only that, it is, (you are, as Beingness) expressing the self as everything perceivable even thought.

I realize this can be hard to grasp for some, yet, as you begin to transcend this identification as a person / ego, you will begin to realize the True Nature.

What is the difference between expression and desires? I feel it as this. Who desires? It must be the person / self- image. The only reason for there to be a desire is to have something fulfilled that seems missing. As we have spoken of before in previous conversations, the feelings of happiness, safety, security, and wholeness, do not come from the achievement of the desire, but instead from the relief of not having the desire anymore hanging over your head. This is a big revelation once you see this.

To give an example of this let’s use loosing body fat. Let’s say that I am not feeling good that I am to thick and I want to get lean so I look fitter. Firstly, this is a perfectly fine course of action if done without the attachment to the outcome. Who is it that desires to lose the body fat? It is the person / self – image. As Beingness, there is no concept of good or bad, need or desire. Beingness just “Is”, no matter what the expression. In Beingness there is no labeling or judgment, no attachment or resistance to what is.

With a desire there is expectation and yearning for the outcome. If stated, it would be something like, “ I’m going to feel so much better about myself when I am tone”. It is based on the future result creating a sense of happiness and security within the self – image.

Once the body fat is lost, the self –image creates the perception that it is whole again, and the desire vanishes. The happiness that ensues comes from a feeling of relief because the desire is no longer there.

Without desires there is a feeling of wholeness. However this does not mean that there is no expression of life. You are life itself, this is Beingness. Beingness does not need a delusional image or personality / ego so that it can express and experience. This is the biggest misunderstanding that most every ego fights against when Beingness begins to awaken.

Ego must express its beliefs to sustain its existence. This is because ego is only made up of thoughts that are believed in. This is only out of habit. Whose habit? Beingness is in the habit of flowing into, (through attention), thoughts and therefore giving them life.

Remember, believing in something means you as Beingness / life itself, are being – alive, (Be-lieving), in that something. For there to be a “Thing” (even a thought), Beingness must, (through attention), be it, or inhabit it. This is why it feels so real, because life itself has become it, and in doing so it is all that exists, contrary to anything else.

This is also why everyone believes they are separate from everything else.  Beingness so fully lives in each expression that it completely forgets it is the one absolute life itself.

Desires cause separation from the Self; where as expression of the self is done without desires.

How can that be? How can anything get accomplished without the need to desire? Most of what you do on a daily basis is done without desire. There are the practical actions that are completed to make life comfortable. Do you desire to drive your car, no; you just matter of factly get in and drive. This is practical. You already have the car and can drive it so there is no desire involved. However, if you lost your car and had to walk or take the bus, most persons / self-images, would desire to be able to drive their car again. Do you see the difference?

When you become seated in Beingness, there is a knowing that you don’t need to fight or struggle to make things happen. You realize directly that desires get in the way of Beingness expressing itself through the mind and body. What Beingness expresses is the fulfillment of wholeness, oneness. In and of itself it is complete and needs not to look to the material world to find happiness through feeling whole. Beingness is already whole and so only expresses wholeness.

This is your true nature. You are already complete, whole, you are love.

Can you imagine what your expression of health and wellness will be when you being to express the wholeness you are?

Come on this marvelous journey to creating optimum health and wellness with us.

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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