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You Are A Pond Of Tranquility

Are you still choosing to be affected by the circumstances of your life experiences? Not only the physical aspects, (the phenomenal aspects of your day-to-day life), but, even more importantly the thoughts you are having. Your thoughts are still circumstances.

They cause resistance and then that resistance is experienced through other thoughts, feelings, actions that you take and things that come to you through attraction in your life experience.

Again, are you still choosing to be affected by them, because in a sense it is a choice, even if you may not feel you have a choice. Now we could say on a phenomenal level you have the choice to choose, whether you are going to allow yourself to experience those circumstances and what comes from them.

Even that causes resistance, because the thought is “I am not going to let this affect me”. The thought I’m not going to let this affect me is full of resistance. You have to do something to not let it affect you.

However, You and I are always pointing to transcending and being Beingness. In Beingness there is no ability to resist. Beingness is beyond resistance. There is not ever a thought of being affected.

The deeper realization of your True Nature is joy, love, peace, and tranquility. As Beingness you are not being affected. You are not taking it personally. There will still be feelings or experiences of loss, and physical pain, but there is no identification with or as a personality. We could ask the question… “Are you still choosing to believe your “Self” to be a personality”, because with the personality comes the choice to be affected by circumstances.

This is critical to realize. You and I are always speaking about creating optimum health, fitness, and wellbeing. However it must be recognized that the order is Wellbeing, health, and fitness. We are always creating as Beingness, into a mind and manifesting into the phenomenal world. We exist as Spirit, expressing through a mind and then body.

When you as Beingness, put attention into the personality you give life to it. You as Beingness experience the personality so much so that you as Beingness believe your “Self” to be that personality.

It is the personality that takes things personally! You as Beingness do not have the ability to take conditions personally. However taking things personally is how the ego / self-image / personality is able to remember itself and prove its existence. Ego says, “ I take that personally so, therefore I exist”.

The entire make-up of your personality are conditions. Conditions are thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, and dreams of the future.

Ask yourself, “Who do I know myself to be”? You will then realize you have a long list of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, memories, and dreams of the future. However, that is just the character you are giving life to.

The personality you are assuming is just a bunch of conditions. As a condition, the personality exists in a conditional world, and will be affected by conditions.

How do you move through life without being affected by conditions? You realize your True Nature. Your True Nature cannot take conditions personally because it is not a person. It is Beingness, which is beyond and before the conditional existence.

There is an observing of the circumstances and conditions, however, there is no attention given to them unless you decide to move your attention to those conditions.

Let’s use this analogy. You are a tranquil pond in the middle of a forest. The body and surface of the pond are absolutely still, without a ripple or movement. This is you as Beingness. You are perfectly tranquil. Not affected by anything.

A very angry person comes up to the edges of the pond. He yells and screams with all the pain and sadness and despair he is feeling. Yet the pond remains still, and unaffected. The pond is aware and even feels the energy of the person, yet the pond doesn’t reflect or react to the person.

The person feeling that they are not getting anything back pushes harder to make the pond feel the pain and suffering it is feeling. He picks up a big stone and throws it into the pond to get some kind of reactions. The pond does not resist, but gives way to the stone. The pond experiences the stone yet doesn’t take it personally and so the stone is accepted and the remaining energy is dispersed as ripples on the surface. Soon enough the pond is still once more.

The pond doesn’t have the ability to resist or reflect back the anger and pain to the person.

No matter what happens in your life experience, it can only cause pain and suffering if you take it personally. Conditions can only cause pain and suffering if you choose to be a personality.

When you take things as a person, you create resistance within your “Self” to express and experience itself as its Pure True Nature. You as Beingness are the unconditioned Consciousness. The person is the conditioned Consciousness. The person is the conditions of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and memories, dreams of the future and all the rules and regulations.

We want you to be as healthy and fit as possible. You can do so much more with a healthy mind and body. It is so much more joyful being truly health.

This is your life expression. You can suffer as much as you choose. The questions is, “WHY? Why would you want to continue to create pain and suffering in your life by taking things as a person?

Recognize, realize, look at how amazing this mind and body you have is. Even if it is deconditioned and in pain right now, even if it is not working well right now. It still is absolutely amazing. It has the pure potential to heal itself. All you need to do is get out of your minds and body’s way, and give it what it needs to heal. Stop doing to it what is causing the health issues to begin with.

Stop hitting yourself with the hammer of taking things as a person, and the mind and body will begin to heal and create wellbeing, health, and fitness.

All that is required is to give it what it needs to heal.

If you truly want to start creating wellbeing, health, and fitness, Let’s work together.

I truly look forward to hearing from you.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care of Your “Self”.


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