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Compatibility Of The Spirit, Mind, And Body

You are an integrated Being of Spirit, Mind, and Body. You are Spirit or Beingness, flowing into and giving life to the mind and body, which are instruments of your expression and experience.

In their natural state of innocence’s, (the absent of any resistance), there is a compatibility between the mind and spirit, the body and spirit, and the mind and body. This compatibility creates a harmonious life experience of health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance. It is a harmonious integrated relationship free of a delusional mind, (Ego).

We have spoken of this many times, you and I. Spirit, mind, and body are in actuality always in a compatible state, meaning they are always accepting of each other, and will effortlessly flow with and express each other.

We may feel there is resistance from our minds interpretation, however, Beingness has no issue with the so-called pain, and suffering that is experienced. It is the delusional mind that is having the issues and experiencing the effects of it’s own perceptions. Let me remind you again though, that the delusional minds, and its falsely created ego, have no life or consciousness unto themselves. Without you, (Beingness), flowing into them, (giving awareness to them), they will not, cannot, exist.

Yet, to create a life of true health, fitness, wellbeing and abundance, these qualities must originate in that truest sense of harmonious compatibility of the natural state of innocence free from resistance.

This resistance is going to come from the delusional mind, which is always creating a separate sense of identity by rejecting any thought, concept or belief that it is actually one with Beingness.

The ego is the identity that is created by and in the mind, which is made up of a never-ending list of beliefs, and experiences from the past, and thoughts and desires of the future. Yet, none of this is Beingness. Beingness is before all of this. It is the “Eternal You”, before there is a you, (personality).

Maybe this will help as metaphor. Beingness, (the Eternal You), is a limitless flowing stream without a ripple disturbing its flow. This is its natural state of innocence. Now compare that to the same stream in which rocks have rolled into from the hillside.

The presence and resistance of the rocks now block the tranquil flow and this causes the surface to become violently agitated. The rocks are thoughts, concepts, and beliefs you have accepted as part of your identity, (ego).

Relieving the mind of these thoughts, concepts, and beliefs, restores the natural state of innocence of the mind.

What about the body, and this idea of compatibility? This is so easy and you already know it if you have been with me even for a brief time thus far.

These magnificent bodies are not only a product of our minds, but also a product of the natural environment. Our bodies are biological organisms that are designed to be in a harmonious relationship with the natural world of this planet, the sun, moon, and even the galaxy. Carl Sagan brilliantly reminds us “We are stardust”. The “We” he is referring to are our bodies, not the spirit or mind.

Our bodies are compatible with what the natural world provides. The foods we eat should be as they are from nature, what we call whole foods. Not the processed, homogenized, pasteurized, fertilized, bi-products of their original source.

The body only needs clean water for hydration, nothing else. Water should have no additives in it. Certainly our drinking and bathing water should not contain fluoride, or chlorine. Now, chlorine is needed to disinfect municipal water sources, which is a necessary step, however, it should be filtered out before drinking.

The body is not compatible with toxins that are so rampant in our industrial age. The body is not meant to handle them. Toxins are not acceptable to the body, and the body will give signs and symptom to this fact. The question is are you hearing them?

Harmonizing the Spirit, mind, and body comes about when the Spirit, (Beingness), flows to and through a mind and body in their natural state of innocence. This is when peace, joy, love, health, wellbeing, and abundance become the life expression and experience.

We as Beingness are already the compatibility of peace, joy, love, health, wellbeing, and abundance. The only reason you are not expressing and experiencing this as your life manifested, are due to the attachment and identification with the delusional thoughts, concepts, and beliefs of the personality, (ego).

That you are already, right now, the peace, joy, love, health, wellbeing, and abundance, give us the confidence to say this is your birth right. You were born as this; in-fact you are always this, even before you were born.

Your health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance are already within you. You only need to recognize yourself as it, and you will be fully compatible, and in harmony as it in your daily life experience.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care Of Your –“Self”

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