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Stop Making It So Hard

Oh my goodness, I have to tell you that almost every client and friend, who comes for help to get healthy, feels the need to express how hard it is for them.

This whole healthy lifestyle is hard to do. All the eating right and working out, and getting sleep and the whole drinking water thing is just annoying. I feel like I’m being a different person.

The reason anything in life seems hard or challenging to do is because it is different from how you have been living or doing. It is new. We say people don’t like change. It is not that people don’t like change it is just that there must be a change in you, and that feels uncomfortable. It is the mind / ego saying “That’s not the way we do this”.

This is an uncomfortable feeling. This uncomfortable feeling then gets associated with the change that is needed.

Most of the time when people make the changes even though they are “hard”
They will admit it was well worth it. Yes it was a challenge at first however once it became part of who they felt themselves to be it was easy. Even more than easy they just did it without thinking about whether it was easy or hard.

Most folks without truly thinking critically about the change automatically reject it.

All the excuses come in this stage. No time, no money, not good enough, don’t know what will happen if I do, or I may get hurt again. You already know all your excuses.

Yet something inside is also there saying go for it. It’s the old angel and devil on your shoulders. It is frustrating for me to see the devil convince so many not to make the changes. Before we go any further let me remind you there is no devil or angel on your shoulder, what we are speaking of is the mind and it self created ego.

It takes longer if you resist the changes of being and living a lifestyle of health and wellness. Why not surrender your resistance and fully jump into creating the health, fitness, and wellbeing that you are always hoping for.

This resistance causes a yo-yo affect in your life. If you are trying to lose weight but are struggling with eating correctly, and find yourself eating what you shouldn’t, that is because you are still resisting your health and wellbeing.
This means you have not fully committed to being healthy and well. You are still jumping back into your old self, and finding pleasure in it.
It is at this point that you begin to think “Oh why not, you only live once, I’ll start over on Monday, life is to short, everything in moderation”.

All of this is your ego convincing you to come back to the old ways. However you must realize that if you continue to allow this to happen you will always be stuck in this yo –yo life. One day happy the next day sad. One day you feel great energy the next day you’re exhausted. One day your relationship is loving, the next it is a wreck.

The old ways of unhealthy living, may hold quite a bit of temptation that lead to moments of feeling good, however they also hold a great deal of frustration, anger, self doubt, pain and suffering.

You must begin to internalize and integrate what we have been discussing over the last year or more. The 6 Components To Health & Wellness spell everything out for you. Eating health for your body type, drinking plenty of water, exercising correctly, getting plenty of restful sleep, breathing diaphragmatically, and awakening to your higher self is all that is needed.

You learn what amounts, levels and modalities they need to be for you, and you begin to integrate them into your life. Once they become a habit, you naturally do them. You don’t think about it, you just do it.

The 6 components become your second nature. It will be how you live your life.

Look folks, you are already thinking, breathing, eating, drinking, moving, and sleeping. However if you are dealing with any type of health, fitness, or wellness issues, you aren’t integrating them into your life.

Let go of needing or wanting to change. Just be and live the new way of health and wellness and you are it. You are it right now, as soon as you accept and embrace it and then your body and mind will change automatically.

You must grasp the concept of “You must be that which you desire to be”. If you desire to be healthy, fit and enjoy a state of well-being, then believe it or not all you must do is be just that.

So no matter where you are starting from right now, you begin to integrate the 6 components into your daily life. Once you commit to this you actually are being healthy, fit, and well. As each day, week, and month goes by your whole spirit, mind, body, and lifestyle are expressing this.

Your body becomes healthier, and fit. Your mind clears of old patterns of pain and suffering, and your spirit blossoms in each and every moment.
You have become that which you only once desired to be.

This path, once you are on it, becomes easier and easier.

Put down your resistance and become the healthy, fit, well person you are always desiring to be. It is that easy.

Would you like help with this? Just ask, I am here to help. Listen to my recent podcast “Stop Making It So Hard” HHVL 048

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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