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Tag: integrated approach to health and fitness

You Feel You Have Time

The reason you don’t make the changes in health and wellness is because you feel you have time, so you keep putting it off. You ignore the lesser symptoms of declining health and wellness with all sorts of excuses.

What if you didn’t have anymore time? If it was life or death you would step into a healthy lifestyle wouldn’t you?

We see this many times when folks are diagnosed with life threatening diseases. It may have taken several years or even decades of poor lifestyle habit that were causing lesser symptom before it got to the point of no return. Then the diagnosis is given and all of a sudden the person is asking how did this happen?

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A Consciousness Of Health

We are always speaking of  “Who do you believe your -Self to be”? The goal if there is one, is to realize that the concept you are holding and living in, as your-Self is what determines your life experience.

The concept of your identity as a person is the blueprint of your experience. It is the auto- pilot of your thoughts, feeling, and actions along with what you will attract and create. This concept of your identity, (personality / ego), is the autopilot which steers your course in the manifested world.

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Your Health & Wellbeing Takes So Little

Hypocrites realized that the key to health should be focused on nutrition, sleep, creating peace in your life, and being in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

In this modern day when so much is now taken care of for us, there is no necessity to extend yourself physically. Think back on what life has been like for most of mankind’s existence. Hunting & gathering, farming, building without the use of modern technologies, meant the human race spent a majority of each day physically active. Due to our lack of daily exercise we now have added movement.

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Everything We Give Attention To Conditions The Mind

Last week we spoke about exercise and posture.
We mentioned that …when we looking at our daily activities we notice how much time we spend in repetitive positions and motions. When we take stock we will begin to realize that there are many repetitive motions and positions we do on a daily basis that are creating physiological changes in our body.

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This Is What You Are

The entire material world as we experience it is life itself in form. Even your thoughts are the materialization of life itself.

It is easier to be touched by this when in a place of stillness. Nature for instance has an inherent stillness that draws each one of us into that stillness. There is a vibration that radiates through us as we move through nature. We feel somehow connected and at peace.

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The Truth or Your Reality

When we say “The reality is…”, and then state a certain event or occurrence in our life experience we are no being truthful. What I would like to change is to say that it is the effect of a cause. The truth is that abundance is fully and eternally flowing to you every moment. That is the reality. Anything else is only the reflection of what has been believed in up until this point.

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