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Judgment Is The Cause

What does judgment really do for you? Why do you feel you have to make conclusions?

Why can you not just allow things to be as they are and not become emotionally involved?

When we say becoming emotionally involved; to whom are we referring? It is ego of course. You and I have spent much time together realizing this. You as consciousness are only giving life to the ego. By the way, you and I are the same Beingness, or Consciousness.

Becoming emotionally involved means Beingness inhabits a thought and is being affected by the entanglement of the cause and effect of that thought. Beingness is getting caught up in identifying as something, (a person / ego) being affected by the thought.

Remember there can be no emotion or feelings with a thought first being given life. Without the thought how could emotion arise? What would there to be emotional about?

Even so, not every thought creates an emotion. It is only the thoughts that are taken personally or identified with that create an attachment and judgment to the outcome.

Think about this. You go through most of your waking hours having thoughts. Most all of the thoughts you have however, do not affect you emotionally. You don’t get emotional about getting up and making your bed, taking a shower, or brushing your teeth. You just get up and do them with very little thought. It is almost as though you are not even thinking. It is only the thoughts that trigger a sense of judgment that cause the problems in life.

But what is judging? It is not you. You are Beingness. Beingness is unaffected by all things. It doesn’t mind whatever the circumstance, be they good or bad. Good or bad in and of themselves are judgments. These judgments are based on the self-image or ego that is being given life.

What does judgment do for you? Well if you are believing you are an ego, then it will be your primary mechanism for creating a sense of individuality separate from everyone, everything, and from your true nature. If you are the self-image / ego then you must constantly pit yourself against everyone and thing to prove you are different and so prove that you exist.

Remember the ego or self–image is just a bunch of thoughts being believed in. Together they hold onto one other in a desperate attempt to sustain their existence.

A thought, which has no life unto itself, is trying to prove it exists. This is the fragility of a thought. It has no life unto itself. It only has life as long as you, (Beingness), flow into it. This also means that a thought cannot exist for you, if you do not give it any attention. Another way of saying this is you are not aware of it.

Right now there are thousands of thoughts that you as Beingness could be having if you gave your attention to them. If you just turn you head and take in another view of your surroundings you will begin to notice, (place your attention), on other things. The ego / self-image will instantly begin to look for triggers that it can connect to that it believes in or doesn’t believe in. Either way the ego / self-image is maintaining its life force as you, (Beingness), just by giving life to thoughts that are personal.

Personal means they hold meaning to the belief system/ ego.

You will see that ego, self-image, person, personality, paradigms, habitual way of thinking, all refers to the same thing. It is a delusional identity Beingness is giving life to and living as.

What would happen if you just ceased being able to place judgment on anything, even your thoughts? You would cease to be affected by anything. Is this a good thing? Yes, I believe it is, because there is something greater than what you believe to be this life experience you are having.

To not judge is to be unconditional love. Can you now see what your life experience could be for you?

This means allowing things even your thoughts to be as they are without judgment and not become emotionally involved.

Many will say, “ but if I don’t think about them nothing will change”. This is not true. If something is bothering you as ego, (nothing bothers you as Beingness), and you think and worry about it, you will only prolong its existence, because you are sustaining its life force.

Why do you need to make conclusions? What does it matter to your happiness whether you get the answer or not? It doesn’t matter to Beingness, only to the person. It only matters to the person because the person takes it personally and must make something out of it. Beingness just allows everything to be and is joyfully at peace in itself and its expression. Why would Beingness feel the need to move out of its own tranquility to enter into a belief system / ego of pain and suffering? It would not. Yet this is exactly what has happen to all of us as individual expression of Beingness. This happened through Beingness being conditioned through this life experience to believe it is a person.

All your health and wellness issues, in greater part are manifesting due to you as Beingness giving life to a delusional sense of itself, (ego).

Do you want to break free from you health and wellness issues and start experiencing true health and wellness? Think of a life experience free from the chronic aches and pains you are experiencing.

You are a Beingness expressing and experiencing through a mind and body. The body is a servant to the mind. Free the mind from delusion, and you Beingness flow through a mind and body of natural innocence.

This is the biggest part of healing.

Would you like to know more? Come join us on The 6 Components To Health & Wellness six-week online course.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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