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Stable Mind, Stable Body

In fitness we speak of stabilization before we build strength or power. These are the three interconnect levels of conditioning the body for optimum physical abilities.

There is a saying you are only as strong as you are stable. This is referring to the body’s ability to stabilize itself efficiently and effectively to handle the forces generated by the muscular strength that has been developed.

As an example we can think of someone who has developed a good deal of muscle mass, yet is lacking lumbo-pelvic stabilization. In the gym this person seems strong and looks the part, however, beneath that muscle is an unstable pelvis and spine. As long as the equipment is stabilizing the body, the body doesn’t have to develop a high degree of stabilization. Muscle is being developed around a weak frame. The foundation isn’t stable. This means that even though on a surface level the body seems strong, there is hidden beneath, a latent instability that will arise anytime the strength and power of the muscle when pushed into an unstable environment will expose the weakness of stabilization system.

A well-known expert in the field of strength conditioning, Charles Poliquin once said, “You can’t fire a canon from a canoe”. The metaphor being the canon is strong and powerful, yet if fired in a canoe, (an unstable foundation), it will capsize the canoe.

A proper fitness program will include a rotation that moves the person from stabilization first, then into strength, and depending on the client’s abilities into a power cycle. Then the cycle should repeat. It must also be stated that stretching is an important component to creating balance.

By following these three stages and cycling back through, the body is allowed continuous exposure to these functional stressors and in doing so maintains the body’s ability to be stable, strong, and powerful. This is optimum fitness.

When this is achieved and maintained, there is very little musculo-skeletal dysfunction due to imbalances. The body feels strong, energetic, and balanced.

The mind is no different. You can think of the delusional mind or ego, as unstable. It cannot be relied on to create a foundation of peace and tranquility. As a matter of fact the true nature of the mind is a state of natural innocence. This natural innocence is peace and tranquility. Yet, there has been a false development of strong thoughts and beliefs by it. Just like strong muscles over the stabilization system.

On the surface a person may seem fine and happy, however it only takes an environment that pushes the thoughts and belief system to prove itself that the under developed natural innocence of peace and tranquility seems to collapse under the strain of the belief system.

In truth the natural innocence does not collapse, however, there has not been a stabilization and firmation of its eternal presence. This means that when the true nature, which is Beingness, has been realized, there is a stabilization of being that. When you begin to directly realize your true nature, you become more stable as it. In this natural innocence, the delusional mind / ego, is not given any power to exist. In fact the delusional mind begins to lose all life. It is seen as just that, delusional, not real, and so less and less attention is provided to it.

This now creates a strong stabilization as the foundation in your true innocence of mind and body. This innocence is the True Nature of all things.

I hope this makes sense to you.

Just like building a stable body, you must workout to build a stable mind.

Stabilizing the mind doesn’t happen in the delusional mind though. Stabilizing the mind in essence is focusing all your attention in Beingness. Quiet the delusional mind, and you stabilize into your True Nature.

To quiet the mind you do not focus your attention on getting rid of thoughts, but instead place all your focused attention into the stillness. The more you consistently place attention in awareness the more the mind and body stabilize. Also in this consistency comes the seat of Beingness. So the repetition on stillness in awareness will become your nature place.

When Beingness is fully present the mind is stable. A stable mind is a quiet mind. What does it mean to be quiet? It is as if the thinking mind isn’t even present. There are no delusional thoughts or beliefs coming out. As this, you live spontaneously, without the heavy burden of ego.

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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