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Consciously Being, Or Still Seeking to Be

We have spoken much about creating health and wellness. So much of your health and wellbeing is contingent on knowing that you already are, even though the outward expression of the body and life experience may not be reflecting it.

We have discussed that you are energy / consciousness. You can never be created or destroyed, but instead just always are and move in and out of form or matter.

It is said that it can take up to six to nine months for this energy to manifest in the body. This means that what you are thinking and feeling today about yourself and your life experience will instantly begin to manifest and the changes will become apparent through those nine possible months. It can also happen very quickly in minutes if not hours. It all depends on you not just believing, but knowing it is so.

Unless you consciously know you are that which you are seeking, then you are still a seeker and the manifestation will be interrupted. You will only persist in being and creating your Self as the seeker.

We feel that it is fine to visualize and do affirmations in creating desires of health and wellbeing, yet, if it is still a desire then this means it has not been realized yet.

Do you see this? If you are desiring, this means you have not acquired it yet. Once you have achieved a desired result there is no more desire for it because you have it. You don’t desire what you already are or have. You certainly are grateful for being or having it, but the desire is now gone.

We have mentioned that the feelings we have when we achieve or receive a desire is not from having the desire manifested, but from the joy that is felt when we are no longer desiring.

Does that make sense? When we are in a state of desiring, it is a state of lack or incompleteness. We want something we don’t have. It is a yearning. When that yearning is fulfilled then there is the feeling of relief, and completeness.

Let us use the simple concept of being very hungry. All we can think about is food. Our stomachs are growling are energy is low, and we can barely think. We desire food and cannot wait. We feel as though we are not complete, and so the desire is very real. Then, at last we are served our food and as we eat the sense of longing disappears and is replaced with a sense of contentment, safety and security, and in all this a sense of completeness. Once the meal is over and we are satiated, we no longer desire food. As a matter of fact, it is last on the list of what is now desired.

When we desire health and wellbeing, we should actually realize that we are health and wellbeing. In doing so the desire for what is not yet real, is replaced with the knowing that it already is. When something is known, it is certain. There is no doubt that it already is, and so, no thoughts of lack about the subject exist. If there are no thoughts of lack about the subject, there is no resistance to stop it from manifesting.

We get into trouble because we desire something we don’t have. When we actually should only know that we already are it or have it, even though the manifestation has not formed yet.

This is hard for most to embrace. It feels like we are fooling ourselves. However this is the exact way energy / consciousness works. This is the mechanism of manifestation. It is the blueprint to you and I as consciousness manifesting through this mind and body.

When we speak of consciously Being or still seeking we are referring to the same concept. Stop giving any attention to thoughts that you are still seeking to awaken, or create something in your life experience. You must now begin to know that you already are awakened Beingness and have what you thought was missing in your life experience.

This is just a matter of reconditioning and letting go of any need to keep giving life to a personality / ego.

Most may feel in hearing this that we would loose our sense of identity and be lost. Thoughts and pictures spring forth from the delusional mind to defend its existence. “What would I be if not who I know my Self to be? I would not exist”. All this is just coming from the ego. Yet, remember the ego is not real. It is just a bunch of thoughts you as consciousness are giving life to and living as. You do not need the ego, and you are not the ego. You just think you are because you as consciousness began to believe you are.

I must remind you that you are Consciousness experiencing and expressing through the instruments of mind and body. There is no need for a delusional mind or false identity to enjoy life to its fullest. As a matter of fact, you cannot enjoy life to its fullest, until you realize your true nature. You are life itself and so you cannot enjoy you to your fullest potential until you let go of the burden of living as an ego / personality.

Believe it or not, it is you as Beingness living as the ego / personality that has been holding you captive, holding you back from experiencing your True Nature.

To change this and anything in this life experience is as simple as consciously being that without desires of not being or having it yet.

Stop seeking. If you are still seeking then you are knowing your Self to be a seeker, which means you are not and do not have it yet. In this place of believing and knowing you do not have it yet, you are instantly slowing or stopping it from manifesting. If you are seeking, then you will manifest continual seeking. If you are being it, (even thought the outward manifestation has not fully been realized), then you will manifest being it.

This is the process of you as Beingness.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care. Dave.

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