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The Truth or Your Reality

When we say “The reality is…”, and then state a certain event or occurrence in our life experience we are no being truthful. What I would like to change is to say that it is the effect of a cause. The truth is that abundance is fully and eternally flowing to you every moment. That is the reality. Anything else is only the reflection of what has been believed in up until this point.

You must imagine if not realize that you are sitting at the banquet table of eternal abundance. Everything that you could possibly desire is already in front of you on this table for your choosing. You don’t have to ask permission, you don’t have to be worthy, you don’t have to want so badly to the exclusion of everything else. You must begin to realize that eternal abundance is ever flowing and all you have to do is choose to allow it into your life. All you have to do is know that just by choosing to except the abundance it will flow to you. Again you don’t have to ask permission, there’s no such concept of having to be work worthy, it is all yours for the taking.

You have created and accepted thoughts as truths. They have become beliefs, and one of those beliefs is that there isn’t enough for everyone. You believe that it is hard to get what you ask for. You believe it may or may not happen.

You hold onto thoughts that are good, and want to get rid of those that are bad. However, even the thought that you want to get rid of the bad thoughts, is a thought that you have them, and that is why you want to get rid of them. If you let go of the thought completely then there would be nothing to get rid of, and you would be free to allow abundance to flow in.

As a person you feel limited. So there are two beliefs. One, that you are a person, and the other that you are limited.

The truth is you are Consciousness or Beingness. The delusion is you are a person, or ego. Do not take the ego as a fact or reality. You, Beingness itself are the truth, giving life to an ego. This is no more different that an actor playing the part of a character, and believing he or she is now the character, forgetting he or she is actually the actor not the character.

This comes down to attachment. When you become attached to something even thoughts they seem to become real. In fact they are manifest, but not the truth. They are a false manifestation of you as Beingness.

If you are saying “The reality is I hate my body, or, I am sickly, or I don’t have enough money, or my lover left me, or I am unworthy”, etc. then you are living in ego, and  denying your true “Self”.

The truth is everything you are looking for, (which means you feel you are lacking some things to make you feel complete or whole), you already are. You are what you have been looking for all your life expression. The only reason you don’t feel whole is because you are living in the ego as a belief system.

This belief system by its own nature of believing certain things to be true automatically denies everything else to be true. If there is the belief that you can only be healthy and fit if you give up everything that you love to eat, and that you hate working out, then you are automatically denying everything else that is available to create health and fitness.

Abundance is ever present knocking down the door to move through you. As a matter of fact it is moving through you right now. So the question is, how are you directing it?

Your life is the perfect expression of abundance manifesting in your every moment.

You are directing the abundance through your beliefs and chronic thoughts.

Most of us believe we need to think our way out of a situation to make it better. The challenge is we spent most of our time in thoughts of lack when we do this. And so the abundance is manifesting more lack in your life expression. You are manifesting abundant lack. Can you see how powerful you are?

The truth is you are this abundance and so are expressing yourself effortlessly as the thoughts and beliefs you are giving abundance to.

The truth is you are magnificent in creating your thoughts and beliefs.

Isn’t it time that you awaken to who you truly are, so that you can be free from the habit of believing thoughts that are delusional?

Your health, fitness, and well-being are but a thought away. Even more so they are here right now available in abundance at your beckon call.

How do you call them into being? By believing they are already present, no matter what the external expression is right now.

You are sitting at the banquet table of eternal abundance and an unlimited source of health, fitness, and wellness is in front of you. You need not ask permission to take it. You don’t need to be worthy of anything special. All that need be done is accept the gifts being offered. Don’t be shy, abundance by its nature is meant to flow unrestricted.

If there is a sin in this physical world it is not allowing abundance to flow through you.

Would you like to realize abundance flowing through you? Then I encourage you to join us on “The 6 Components To Health And Wellness” six-week online course.

I wish you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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