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This Is What You Are

The entire material world as we experience it is life itself in form. Even your thoughts are the materialization of life itself.

It is easier to be touched by this when in a place of stillness. Nature for instance has an inherent stillness that draws each one of us into that stillness. There is a vibration that radiates through us as we move through nature. We feel somehow connected and at peace.

This experience of connectedness is to our Beingness. Beingness isn’t subject to just you and I. Beingness is the True Nature of all things.

No matter what the experience, Beingness is there, fully present eternally. Beingness does not wavier in its intensity, it is not diluted or covered up or eclipsed. It is, and must be. This is what you are. You are not the thinking ego with all its interpretations and fears and desires.

The only way you as Beingness are not fully aware of being Beingness, is due to attention to any and all things. Are you having a thought? Then Beingness is giving life to that thought and living as it. And so the thought is experienced instead of Beingness itself. It is as simple as this.

Without preconceived thoughts from the ego, you, I, we all would be Beingness. This does not mean thought would not arise from Beingness. However, and this is key to awakening, thoughts that come from Beingness are spontaneous and pure, while thoughts that come from the ego are conditioned from other already believed in thoughts that will taint and delude the moment with fear, and personalization

It is challenging to say, (when you believe yourself to be a never-ending bunch of beliefs), that nothing is happening to you. However, once more let me remind you that you are Beingness, not a set of beliefs, (ego / person).

To experience each moment as its natural state without the presence of living as a belief system, (Ego), is to be fully present as Beingness. There is no delusional thought or beliefs to cloud or taint the ever present Beingness of all things.

The ever-present Beingness of all things, let’s look at that. It points us to the awakening that there is a Beingness that is always present or eternal, and that this Beingness resides, or gives life to all things including thought, (which are the highest form of Beingness).

It is not that there is either a thing or Beingness present, but that Beingness is always present no matter what the thing being experienced.

Beingness is life itself and it is what we are. It is our True Nature. This is where all your power lay. Your power does not lay in your abilities to make something happen through labor. It lay in the eternal truth that you are the source and substance of all creation.

Let’s move back to experiencing. We are speaking of being Beingness rather than being the preconceived notions of the experience. This would mean being the person having the experience rather than just Beingness, experiencing itself while the experience occurs.

The more we believe our Self to be a belief/ person the less we are Beingness. Another way of putting this is the more you experience, the less you experience.

Now this has a deeper meaning than what is written. Some will understand this and other will not. Let me speak to this. The more personal experience of life situations, including thoughts, the less the actual experience of Beingness itself, (your True Nature). The more focus / attention placed upon the event or thought, the less attention placed in Beingness. Where-ever attention goes is where you are experiencing.

If you are focused on what the experience means to you, (this is the ego / person), then you will experience all that. Yet, you are not the ego / person. You are life itself, Beingness, and this is where attention should be placed.

No matter what the external experience or conditions, by placing attention in Beingness, the experience itself with be infused with only the presence of Beingness.

Let me make clear that Beingness is not an experience, though. Any experience even thought is a “thing”. Beingness is not a thing. It is, you are, beyond and before any “thing”.

It is challenging for us to see beyond the concept of whom we believe our Self to be. Another way of saying this is, who is the false sense of self, (the person), we as Life itself or Beingness, think we are. What is the person, Beingness believes it is.

To see beyond this person and awaken in Beingness is our primary purpose.

So much of this life experience is tainted as a delusional belief of the Self. It is the cause of most if not all pain and suffering. Everything is taken personally. However you are not a person / ego, and so why take it as such? It is only out of conditioning.

You can break free from this conditioning and experience all things fully present as Beingness.

In this way, every “Thing”, is infused with the joy, peace, tranquility, love health, and wellbeing and abundance that are Beingness.

This Is What you Are.

Are you ready to create the life experience you have always desired?

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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