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Everything We Give Attention To Conditions The Mind

Last week we spoke about exercise and posture.
We mentioned that …when we looking at our daily activities we notice how much time we spend in repetitive positions and motions. When we take stock we will begin to realize that there are many repetitive motions and positions we do on a daily basis that are creating physiological changes in our body.

Your minds work the same way. Repetitive thoughts or chronic ways of thinking and being are going to cause the mind to adapt to those chronic mental postural position and cause attachment, identification and resistance. This dysfunctional posture of the mind is the delusion of identification as an ego/ person/ belief system. This is what causes the dysfunction of the mind in all that you do. This is the same as the body adapting to a hunched over position from a chronically poor postural pattern when sitting at your desk.

This dysfunctional mental / emotional posture draws our attention away from what is true. It causes us to turn away from what we know is good for us. For instance, the times when you may have experienced self-sabotage. There are times when you meditate consistently, or listen to those in the world that are already enlightened and share their pointing. Then we seem to get bored, or allow distractions to fill our days. It feels like it is not having the same good feeling effect on us. So we stop our practice. We start falling back into ego, and delusion. We have fallen back into fully being a person with all its attachments and therefore drama. We lose focus on our true purpose to awaken. This is just the energy of the ego/ self-image still present. It is a conditioned response you have programed into the mind and so it is just going about doing what it is. It means no harm; in fact it feels it is doing what is natural. All these are just thoughts being given life by you Beingness / Life itself.

Bob Proctor says “Mind Is Movement”. Before mind/ movement there is the stillness that mind / movement takes place in. You are that stillness before you knew yourself to be.

Knowing yourself to be takes place in the unknown existence / awareness. Awareness before it is aware of itself. Once it becomes aware of itself “ I am that I am” movement has begun with this first original thought or knowing. Every “Thing” that comes after this original thought is also the beginning of the conditioned mind. Before there was the first condition of “I Am” you are the unconditioned consciousness / mind.

The mind is thought. All thought is movement. So just like the body moving, the mind is movement as thought. So we can say there is a correct posture and a dysfunctional posture of the mind.

To free yourself from this dysfunctional posture of the mind is a matter of realizing your True Nature.

Your True Nature is free from all conditions all attachments and all identification. When you awaken to this your mind and body return to their natural state of innocence.

Place continuous attention in awareness itself. Just like doing corrective exercises and stretching to adjust the body into adapting an optimum posture we do so with the mind.

Correcting the posture of the dysfunctional mind is only a matter of letting go of attachments and identification with an idea of a person.

Your health and wellness are fully present right now. The only reason why you are not experiencing them is due to your beliefs that something else is present.

It cannot be stated enough, that your thoughts are your experience.

You as Consciousness are life itself giving all of yourself to a thought which then manifest and becomes part of the life experience. Remember thoughts cannot exist without Consciousness giving life to them.

Without identification to thoughts they will rise and fall without having any effect. Without chronic thoughts the mind settles down, becomes more clear and relaxed. Health and wellbeing become more natural.

Let go of the old programmed conditioning, and realize how it has been controlling you. Be present as Awareness itself.

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I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take good Care, Dave.

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