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Your Health & Wellbeing Takes So Little

Hypocrites realized that the key to health should be focused on nutrition, sleep, creating peace in your life, and being in alignment with your core values and beliefs.

In this modern day when so much is now taken care of for us, there is no necessity to extend yourself physically. Think back on what life has been like for most of mankind’s existence. Hunting & gathering, farming, building without the use of modern technologies, meant the human race spent a majority of each day physically active. Due to our lack of daily exercise we now have added movement.

In all my education at the Chek Institute these were the keys that superseded all other protocols.

My mentor Paul Chek refers to these protocols as Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet, Dr. Happiness, and Dr. Movement.

Dr. Diet governs the energy you need to be able to make the changes needed to create health. Dr. Quiet governs rest, (sleeping or a still mental / emotional state), so the body can recover and manages the flow of energy in the body. Dr. Happiness governs our direction in life by showing us when we are in alignment with our values. Dr. Movement manages energy usage and can either use or produce more energy.

Dr. Diet is the most fundamental of the Doctors. This is due to the fact that without nutrition the body will perish. Improper foods and fluids are also a very common cause of the health or disease in the body.

Nutrition has a critical role in the body’s ability to move, rest, recover, and affects your mental / emotional states of being.

We need to move away from what we have been conditioned to know as food. S.A.D. C.R.A.P. is an acronym for the Standard American Diet, which consists mainly of Carbohydrates, Refined Foods, Additives, and Preservatives.

Food quality is essential to creating health and wellbeing. We should want to choose the highest quality possible, which comes from organic, bio-dynamic, and home grown choices.

Each meal should contain proteins, vegetables, and lipids. Other additional sources of foods are fruits, nuts/seeds, some dairy (butter, ghee yogurts & cheeses), and occasional legumes and grains.

Water is an absolute for the health of the body.  We recommend half your body weight in ounces each day.

When you get it right, you should experience good level energy throughout the day, clear mental / emotional state, a healthy libido, quality sleep, good muscle tone, and you should be comfortable eating about every four hours between meals.

When things are off you can experience hunger and cravings, fatigue, headaches, chronic aches and pains in the body, changes in body temperature, twitches around eyes, arms, and legs, highs & lows in energy, chronic illness’s (colds, infections, virus, etc.), low libido, cold hands and feet, and poor digestion and gut dysfunctions.

We follow Metabolic Typing when giving direction for healthy individual nutrition. This gives us portion sizes, and types of food for each individual.

Animal proteins will be 2-3 ounces / serving. That is the equivalent of two eggs. You certainly may need more than one serving per meal depending on your needs.

Carbohydrates will be mostly above ground vegetables 1-2 cups / serving.

Finally, Lipids / fats will be 1tablespoon (liquids), or ¼ cup (solids) / serving. Here to you certainly may need more than one serving per meal depending on your needs.

In general if you are a fast oxidizer or what is called a Protein Type, you will start with a ratio of 2-1-1, which means 2 proteins to 1carbohydrate and 1fat serving.

If you are a slow oxidizer or what is called a Carbohydrate Type you will start with a ratio of 1-2-1, which means 1protein to 2carbohydrate and 1fat serving.

If you fall in-between a slow oxidizer and a fast oxidizer or what is called a Mixed Type you will start with a ratio of 1-1-1, which means 1protein to 1carbohydrate and 1fat serving.

Now take the time to observe how much of each you need at each meal. You can write down what you have eaten, and how much, then record how the body and mind are feeling within the hour after finishing.

Dr. Quiet manages our sleep, which is fundamental to health & wellbeing. It is during deep restful sleep that the body recovers and rebuilds.

Our Circadian Rhythms are governed by the sun, moon, earth, and Universe. These energies govern our hormonal rhythms.

The best parameters for sleep fall between the hours of 10pm – 6am.

From10pm – 2am the physical repair and growth of bones, muscles, joints, and organs tissue occurs. Then from 2am -6am psychogenic repair of nervous system and hormonal systems continues.

If the quality of sleep is poor then the body and nervous system will not recover and will create stress from it.

Other ways of getting enough rest during the day can include active rest and passive rest. Active rest means reducing your workload whether at the gym or at work. Passive rest means fully stepping away from what you are doing for at least 10 minutes, take a day off, or take a vacation.

We know the more rested we are the better we perform.

When things are off with Dr. Quiet you may experience muscle twitches at the eyes and face, headaches, restless arms & legs, muscle cramping, anxiety, nervousness, restlessness, ADD / ADHA poor memory, cognitive issues, and negative thoughts, low libido and performance, diminished motor skills and coordination.

Then there is Dr. Movement.

What most of us don’t realize is that these bodies are designed for movement, not stagnation. It is not just that the body is designed to move, but that movement is necessary for health and wellbeing.

The body has Biological Pumps. These include the abdominals, pelvic floor, and diaphragm (Primary muscle for respiration), and all three are part of the core musculature.

These pump fluids, toxins, blood, oxygen, etc. through the body to supports distribution of nutrients, oxygen, blood, and waste removal.

The body also has Biological Oscillators. These are organs that produce electromagnetic fields governing the body. These include the heart, brain, and intestines.

When it comes to moving the body there is either working in or working out.

Working out is an expenditure of vital energy. If your body is already exhausted from stressors, adding more isn’t the answer.

Working In Creates more vital energy in the body therefore giving the body energy to heal, repair and rebuild. Movements such as Tai Chi, Chi Gong, gentle Yoga, walking and gentle swimming are great ways to energizer the body.

When things are off with Dr. Movement you may experience some of the following.

Poor metabolism and digestion, chronic aches and pains in muscles and joints, poor recovery from injuries, poor flexibility, constipation, poor body composition, fatigue, sluggish, apathetic, and unmotivated.

Rounding out the four doctors is Dr. Happiness. Dr. Happiness guides us to create and stay in alignment with our values.

The challenge is the more ways your lifestyle violates your values and belief system the more stressful your life becomes spiritually, mental / emotionally, and physically.

When you are not in alignment with your values & beliefs you will be riddled with stress.

Ask yourself what are your personal, professional, and relationship values and beliefs? Do they serve you in creating happiness?

When things are off with Dr. Happiness you may experience some of the following.

Mood swings, nervousness, poor sleep, skin problems, pimples, energy highs, & lows, addictions to sweets, stimulants, drugs etc., upset stomach, diarrhea, confusion and clouded judgment, poor concentration, slow to heal from minor injuries, neck and shoulder pain, headaches, low libido and performance, unable to reach orgasm, and impotence.

It really does take so little to follow these four doctors in your life experience. It is simple. The only reason there will be struggle is if you are allowing the self-image / ego to fight it.

The four doctors are not asking you to train for a triathlon or give up your job and family.

The four doctors are simple, easy to understand and follow guides in your nutrition, sleep / rest, and re-evaluating your values and beliefs.

I encourage you to come join us on “The 6 Components to Health and Wellness” six – week online course. It could change you life.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take good Care, Dave.

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