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Your Attention Is You

What and who you believe your-Self, (your true nature) to be is determined by where and on what you place your attention.

It is your attention, which directs you as consciousness to, in a sense, inhabit, that which you put your attention on.

It is just as if when in a pitch-black room, you turn on a flash light and point the beam of focused light onto an object. It is the only object that gets your focused attention. In doing so we can say that in that moment of pitch- darkness, the only thing or object that exists for you is that which receives your attention.

You will begin to identify with that object, and give it meaning for you. It will become part of your experience, and you will grow attached to it through memory.

We speak about the image you have of your-Self, and that it is who you believe your-self to be. It is more clear to say the Self or Consciousness has created an image it believes itself to be.

How does conscious create a self-image? Through infancy it begins to adopt an identity as parents, sibling, etc. give it a name, and condition through repetition this is who we say you are. It also begins to experience all the conditions of the body and outside world, and using the mind begins to create thoughts and beliefs.

This is the beginning of the ego, or the conditioned self of delusion. The infant now creates or develops a belief system, which is its ego or imagined-self.

Interestingly, if we look at the imagined self, it gives us a deeper awareness of what it is. There is an image and there is the Self. There is an image the Self lives as or lives in, believes in.

We, (Consciousness), feel we are the image we believe our Self to be, and this all is created through attention.

What we as consciousness place attention on is what we inhabit, and experience.

In fact, the only way we can have a thought is when we as consciousness give it life through attention. We are life itself and we direct ourself through giving attention to something.

Recognize this also. This, what we will call an action, is so precise, (just like the beam of light from the flash light only illuminating a single object while all the others stay unobserved in pitch darkness), that you will not be aware of anything even if it is happening right in-front of you if your attention is not directed to it.

This may seem untrue, however you have all experienced this many times.

When your attention is focused on other things, you won’t here people speaking to you, you won’t be aware of someone walking right up to you, you will not even be aware of a car swearing right in-front of you because your daydreaming about vacation.

What does all this matter for you, your health, fitness, and wellbeing? It is a direct pointing to realizing that you are directing your attention into thoughts and experiences that are sustaining the image you are believing. You are supporting and sustaining the image of a person who is suffering from illness, disease, pain in the body, fatigue, digestive issues, someone who cannot stop overeating, or can’t create a healthy lifestyle.

Your attention to these thoughts, feelings, and actions are continuing to create you’re life experience.

Where you place your attention is where you are residing and believing your-Self to be.

You as life itself means that whatever you touch through attention is given life. Whatever you direct your attention on is what will be experienced. In a pitch-black room you direct the light of life onto an object it is the only thing you can experience no matter good or bad. It is all you are allowing to exist through your attention. Even if something amazing is right next to the other object, you will not experience it because all your attention is on the other.

Isn’t this what we have all heard in one form or another? When someone is in a terrible state of sadness or depression we say “Look around you, there is so much to be grateful for”. Yet the other person cannot see this because their attention is only shining on what they are depressed about. All the goodness in the world could be around them and yet they can only experience the sadness because their attention is fully in thoughts of sadness.

Please don’t let this be you any longer.

You are magnificent. You are Love it Self. You are life it Self. This is how you create lasting health and wellbeing. Place your attention into your true nature and realize you are beyond any thought or feeling.

It is time, it is your time.

I am here to help.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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