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Freedom to Choose Health & Wellness

Do you have the freedom to actually choose health and wellness? Do you have the freedom to choose abundance?

At first glance we would say, “Yes of course”. I have free will to do whatever I desire.

To some degree this is true, however, who is the “I” that you are referring to?

Is this “I” the delusion self-image you believe your- Self to be, or is it the true Self, Consciousness, Beingness?

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Stop Worrying

Why is it that we feel the need to worry about situations in our life experience? This is a question I am asking you to truly take time to recognize.
Why do you worry? What is the mechanism of worrying? And the ultimate question is “Who is worrying”?
This is what I want to speak to you about today.

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Health And Wellness Are Here, Why Are You Not Claiming Them

It’s time for your monthly check up. How have you been doing with creating a healthy mind and body? Are you feeling a deeper sense of wellbeing?

Everyday when I work with clients whether in the studio or online the first question I ask is tell me how you are doing with your health and wellbeing?

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Regardless Of What You See, Hear, And Experience

Regardless of what you see, hear, and experience, you would like to only focus attention on what you desire to manifest.

It can be so challenging when we are caught up in some heavy thoughts and emotions, to remember that this is the time to keep our attention in Beingness. If not in Beingness then let us only place thoughts into what we desire to create in our life experience.

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The Message is Simple

What to speak of today? There is so much we have covered in this past two years since beginning.

Surely you must have by now had moments of deeper insight during our conversations. Inspired thoughts drift up from the unknown, which have stimulated a deeper awakening within you.

The message is very simple. Awaken to what you are. Heal the mind and body. Realize you are an integrated being of spirit, mind, and body. Your primary purpose is to awaken to your true nature, your secondary purpose is to then experience, express your true nature in the physical world.

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Self Discipline and Goal Setting

I received an asking to speak about self-discipline and setting goals, so let’s talk about this.

We have been told how important self-discipline is to achieving a goal, and we have also heard without goals there is no path to follow. If there is not a goal, then there can be no direction or focus of attention to achieve.

You and I always speak to the highest truth and in doing so unravel the beliefs we are holding onto that are causing the challenges in our life existence.

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