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You Are Only Awareness

Awareness is your actual existence and actual experience. This means you do not exist as something referred to as a person. The only thing occurring is the witnessing of experience.

This may take a bit of explaining. Although it must be said that it is impossible to actually express what we are because what we are is nothing that can be explained, or understood.

Awareness is something the mind can somewhat understand enough to have a discussion so let’s start there. Yet please recognize your True Nature or Awareness itself is not a concept. You are not a concept.

My master would say try not being aware. This will give you a sense of what you are. In fact, what we are is so obvious it is overlooked and instead the mind creates a concept of a thing being aware. Yet again you are not a thing being aware but instead just the awareness.

You and I are only Awareness. There is only awareness. All else is realized as impermanent and unreal thoughts or concepts.

The whole concept of being a person is just that, only a concept. This thing that thinks it is you is only a thought. There is no one actually there having the thought.

Search for yourself. Yes, right now, focus and search for what you exist as. You are not the body. I am not saying the body isn’t there but the body isn’t having thoughts. You are not the mind either, because what is the mind? The mind itself is only a thought.

When you look deep enough there comes the realization that you cannot find yourself, yet you are here. You realize that what you were always referring to yourself as is just a bunch of beliefs being labeled under your name. This thing you called you is just a bunch of thoughts attached to experiences.

Can you see now why the whole concept of you is just a falsehood?

So then what is you and I? Just Awareness. Awareness just in a sense notices thoughts and experiences without attachment or creating an identity around the experiences.

This false identity you think you are is only ever identifying with experiences and situations including thoughts. To the false identity, it seems it is happening to it, yet that cannot be so. How can something happen to something that isn’t real? This does not mean that things don’t happen, however, there is not an identity there to attach meaning to it.

Awareness is aware of the happening without identifying with them.

This can seem all a bit too much for the mind/ego and the person concept.

You see when situations happen there is a false identity that says this happened to me and so I feel this way about it. Yet, there are things happening all over the world and this false identity isn’t affected by them. Why is this so? Because there is no identifying with them.

What is ironic is something terrible will not affect you until you take it personally.

I give this example very often to clients. Every minute of the day there are catastrophic things happening to people around the world. Now I know you, yes you, are a compassionate person and feel for others. Yet why aren’t you falling to the floor in emotional pain and suffering over the loss of these fellow people? What’s wrong with you? It is only because you are not identifying with it personally. If in the next moment you found out it was one of your loved ones, you would be in deep suffering, wouldn’t you?

Yet what is it that makes the difference? It is only the false sense of identity. This false identity has created a little world of experience it connects to, so it will only react when an experience has meaning within that world of identity.

This is why this identity is false.

You are not a compilation of experiences or an identity with experience, but instead, you are only what is aware of the experience. And I will once again remind you that thoughts are the first form of experience. Meaning thoughts are first before the manifestation or phenomena.

If you are identifying as a body with health challenges or an identity that doesn’t feel worthy of being happy and loved, this will be the experience. This will be the little world of concepts being identified as.

You are meant to be free from all this, and your freedom awaits you.

Holding onto a false sense of your true Self is the cause of pain and suffering. It is not needed and does not give this life experience any true joy and peace.

All that is needed is the realization that you do not require a made-up, (false), identity to exist.

The time is now, not sometime in the future for you to create health and wellness. See this moment as the critical point of changing your life around.

Do you want to be healthy, fit, and enjoy a deep sense of wellbeing and abundance? Then let go of every idea, and attachment to the contrary.

Are you ready to change your life experience? Are you ready to begin enjoying health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance?

If so, let me help you.

It takes one simple step. You just have to ask.

We have three wonderful options so you can fulfill your purpose.

and introducing…

I wish for you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good care, Dave

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