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Longevity Of The Spirit, Mind, & Body

This last weekend I was asked to participate in the Second Annual Longevity Conference, in Medford, Oregon.

Holistic Health & Fitness was just one of many health and wellness companies who presented ways to heal the body and some of the cutting edge work being done in genetics, nutrition, supplementation, and nutriceuticals.

Throughout every presentation there were common denominators mentioned to promote longevity. Can you guess what they were? Stress, inflammation, lifestyle, nutrition, and mind set.

Every doctor, and every practitioner, spoke of the critical role these influences had in longevity.

When we speak of longevity it is two fold. It is not just about living longer, because what is the use of that if you are in constant suffering and pain from chronic illness and disease. Longevity is about experiencing health and wellbeing, which then extends our longevity.

So the key to longevity is health and wellbeing within all three levels of our expression of Spirit, Mind, and Body.

We have spoken of the role stress plays in our health and wellbeing. So many of us have become numb to the levels of stress we experience. This has created a false sense of calmness. We think we are relaxed, when in fact we are not. It is as if we have become addicted to stress, and don’t feel relaxed unless we have it in our experience. High levels of stress have become our new normal.

How about inflammation? Inflammation in the body is the major cause of most all illness and disease. So, how do we lower our inflammation?

Four of the top inflammatory causes in the gut are stress, alcohol, NSAID, and sugar.

To relieve this inflammation it is a simple and consistent course of eating optimally, healing the body so NSAID are not needed for pain relief, and lowering our exposure of stress in our life experience.

We could say the same is true for the mind. Our minds are inflamed with thoughts of fear and worry. This inflammation leads to illness and dis-ease of the mental emotional states. To relieve this inflammation we need to let go of our beliefs that are causing the fear and worry.

The concept of mindset we have had long conversations about already. We are speaking of the self-image, belief system, or ego.

If we as consciousness move through attention into thoughts, we give life to them and manifest them in our life experience.

Stress in any of its forms is taxing on the mind and body. All the following stressors, (physical, thermal, nutritional, chemical emotional), accumulate and the body reacts the same to all of them. The reaction is a sympathetic response, or fight or flight. This is a catabolic or breaking down cycle in the body.

Nutritionally we want to consume foods that are anti-inflammatory. Fatty fish like salmon and sardines. Green leafy vegetables and vegetables of all colors, Omega 3 oils, coconut and olive oils along with nuts and seeds for our fats. Fruits like berries, and pineapple. Spices like ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, sage, oregano, and chili peppers will spice up your foods. Fermented foods help with gut flora and so are anti-inflammatory.

Finally supplements and super foods such as sea buckthorn,  spirulina, chlorella, Goji and Amla berries all are fantastic for anti-inflammation.

Longevity, as it should be with everything in the life experience, should be expressed on all three levels of spirit, mind, and body for you are this as an integrating being.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

Take Good Care, Dave.

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