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Self Discipline and Goal Setting

I received an asking to speak about self-discipline and setting goals, so let’s talk about this.

We have been told how important self-discipline is to achieving a goal, and we have also heard without goals there is no path to follow. If there is not a goal, then there can be no direction or focus of attention to achieve.

You and I always speak to the highest truth and in doing so unravel the beliefs we are holding onto that are causing the challenges in our life existence.

The person you believe you are is acting out the belief that it needs to accomplish things to derive happiness, safety, and security. The belief system has been programed to feel that things will give it what it desires. A successful career, plenty of money, someone to love us for who we are, better health and fitness are just a few of the concepts we believe will bring us happiness.

However this is no so. These situations no matter what they are do not have the ability to make you feel. It is only your beliefs that account the situation according to the beliefs ideas of what will bring happiness that give you the perception that you are getting happiness from the situation. Does that make sense?

In fact, happiness, love, success, is actually felt once the desire for these situations has left. It was the unfulfilled feelings of desire that was causing the separation from the happiness, success, and love.

You are not experiencing happiness, success, or love because the situation has given it to you; you are feeling those things, because there is no longer a desire or wanting. The wanting keeps you separate from what is already there. It is much like a beautiful sofa covered with sheets. You cannot experience the sofa until the sheets are pulled away. The sofa is always there yet sheets are what your attention is going to.

We have spoken of our primary, and secondary purpose. Our primary purpose is to awaken to our true nature. Our secondary purpose is then to experience and express our true nature in this life experience.

When we are speaking of goal setting we are speaking about creating a desired life experience. There is nothing wrong with this. We are meant to live a life of joy, health, and abundance. Yet, if we live only as the person, we will believe that we can only achieve a life of joy, health, and abundance through things and experiences.  This is just not so. In fact it is completely backwards. As a person it is your perceptions based on your beliefs that creates your feeling and life experience.

So many of us are striving and wanting and desiring more and more stuff to make us happy. When it is the desiring itself that is causing the pain and suffering.

It is fine to decide what you would like to experience. It is fine to put effort into creating it. What is most important is to realize that it cannot bring you happiness or whatever you are looking for. It is only your beliefs that do that.

Self-discipline, hmmm. What comes to mind is to say the “Self does not need discipline. The “Self” is beyond all thought, beyond all form, beyond all concepts. The “Self” (your true nature), is complete in and of it “Self”.

So we are dealing with a misnomer when we say self-discipline. What we actually are referring to is “Person Discipline, or “Belief Discipline”. Now that shines new enlightenment on what is really going on here, doesn’t it?

You must first realize that when you say self-discipline you are referring to the beliefs you have taken on as an identity, (person). You are saying “I am, (The True Self), choosing to live in beliefs and at the same time desiring to change these beliefs to create a different experience.

If you are desiring to change certain behaviors realize those behaviors are beliefs. Then realize you do not have to change a belief but instead recognize that you are not those beliefs. You are the “Self” flowing into them and giving life to them and that is why they feel so personal.

The “Self” is beyond discipline. It is the personality or ego that would need to be disciplined. This is why we can say it is exhausting being a person. Think of the energy or life force needed to keep the ego alive. The “Self” must through giving attention to thoughts of the characteristics of a personality that keep the ego alive. Why when you as the self do not require an ego or false image to experience all of this life existence.

I know for some this is not understandable yet. This may seem to make no sense to you as a person. This is because the person can’t see beyond itself. However the more you begin to let this in the “Self “ begins to reveal itself.

At the highest level of healing it is recognizing the “Self and in doing so disempower the belief system.

Then the concepts of being personally attached to setting goals and creating self –discipline to acquire a desired outcome of happiness, success, love, health, and everything else is only feeding the ego.

As you begin to recognize the “Self”, achieving goals, acquiring things, etc., can be enjoyed, but there will be no desire to personalize them or attach meaning to them. They are only what they are. Anything else is just the perception of the beliefs that comprise the identity of a person.

All the happiness, love, joy, tranquility, peace, health, fitness, wellbeing, and abundance, are already full present as the “Self”. You do not need to look outside of your “self” to experience them. For they are not things to be experienced, but the actual essence of the “Self”.

You are the “Self”.

I wish for all of you a Vibrant Life.

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