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The Message is Simple

What to speak of today? There is so much we have covered in this past two years since beginning.

Surely you must have by now had moments of deeper insight during our conversations. Inspired thoughts drift up from the unknown, which have stimulated a deeper awakening within you.

The message is very simple. Awaken to what you are. Heal the mind and body. Realize you are an integrated being of spirit, mind, and body. Your primary purpose is to awaken to your true nature, your secondary purpose is to then experience, express your true nature in the physical world.

It does not matter what your expression is. You may be a mail carrier, a mom, a corporate executive, a pharmacist, a gardener, a soldier, an accountant, a grocery store clerk, an athlete; it matters not, (if thoughts came up about I’m not any of those so I am okay, then that is the ego taking it personally J). What you experience and express is secondary to what you are.

Let’s look at that. Most often we are completely identifying with what we do and what happens to us. So much so, that there is no attention directed back into the true nature.

I say the true nature because it is not a personal nature. It is our limited ideas that always try to find a personal true nature we should be awakening to. As if my true nature is different from someone else’s true nature, (this again is due to our limited ego understanding). However it does not exist. Does that cause a subtle twinge of fear and anxiety with you? If so this is the ego, (based on its compilation of thoughts believed in), computing that it may not exist at all, and that even its own existence is not real.

The ego cannot come to terms with the thought that it is not real. Its whole identity is based on proving each and every moment that it is all that exists.

Does a tree know it exists? Yet it is the same true nature as you and I. The main difference is to our knowledge trees cannot realize their true nature. They do not have an ego either. So in a sense trees are always as true nature. They do not ever identify or attach to thoughts of personality, (they don’t take things personally). When they loose leave in the autumn, they feel no different then when they bud out in the spring. Joseph Campbell gave the example of grass. He said, when someone comes along and mows the grass down time and time again, “the grass doesn’t say “Oh, what’s the use”, it just keeps on growing without taking it personally.

This is our awakened true nature also, because it is the same true nature. Awakened true nature is true nature that is not different from someone else’s Awakened true nature. What will be different is the expression and experiences, however the awakened true nature is the same. It must be to be True. If something is true it must be true universally. Otherwise, it is a perception, and perceptions are based on individual personalities.

We always are speaking of health and wellbeing in all our conversations. Even when we are discussing the spirit.

To ignore our amazing bodies is to deny their purpose. Their purpose is in being instruments of experience and expression of the spirit, or true nature. They are the vehicles of and for the true nature to experience, express, and awaken to itself. This is referred to as Self-awareness, (the Self becoming aware of its as true nature), Self-realization, (the Self realizing it is true nature), or enlightenment.

We would like to awaken to the gifts that mind and body are. We would like to realize and simplify what we give them and do to them so they may heal themselves. When the mind and body heal they are radiant with health, youthfulness, vitality, and vibrancy, no matter what the age.

How to simplify what we give them and do to them. It is a matter of reestablishing our relationship with the natural world and what it provides for the mind and body.

We speak much of the 6 Components to Health and Wellbeing. They are simple to do, and once you begin to integrate them into your lifestyle, they become your new habit. The mind and body begin to heal and clear, and realizing the true nature becomes much easier. This is because the mind and body are cleared of the toxic thoughts of the delusional mind, and the body is cleansed of the toxins of an unhealthy lifestyle.

I wish for you a Vibrant Life,

Take Good Care, Dave

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